Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some of the searches in the past few days which have lead people to this blog are

02 Oct, Mon, 20:50:51 Google: suhaag raat ke samples
Dude/Dudette... there is no sample of suhaag raat on my blog. Surely not the kind u r interested in. A fleeting reference to the words in these two posts about Filmi Euphemisms is all I can offer.
Filmi Euphemisms I and Filmi Euphemisms II

04 Oct, Wed, 01:40:27 Google: suhag raat video
Abe tu phir aa gaya?? Video to pakka nahi hain bhai... maaf kar de plz...
I think I will remove those words from the above mentioned posts.

04 Oct, Wed, 06:49:36 Google: shireen bhan singh
**Starts day dreaming**
Stocks, Quotes, Quarterly results, financial policies never were so interesting

04 Oct, Wed, 10:36:13 Google: meetings alternative to work
04 Oct, Wed, 11:54:45 Google: "the practical alternative to work"
04 Oct, Wed, 16:48:13 Google: meetings the alternative to work
No one wants to work eh???? Get the gyan about meetings here.

04 Oct, Wed, 14:40:34 Google: mozart mother house hofgarten austria
The visit to Mozart's house in Salzburg, Austria is here.

04 Oct, Wed, 16:08:24 Google: Where is tht tomb of unknown soldier in France?
Its nothing but the Arc de Triomph yaar.

04 Oct, Wed, 18:21:47 Google: MANGAL PANDEY SKETCHES
I have no idea why Google directed u here dude. It must be some kinda bug in their algo or something.

04 Oct, Wed, 22:15:46 Google: jeevdaya netraprabha
Must be the post on Radio which brought you here. If u have listened to radio in the last decade n before u might just love this one. One of my all time fav posts.

04 Oct, Wed, 23:08:13 Google: Nike fra Smothrace
Thats in the Louvre Museum in Paris

05 Oct, Thu, 01:04:14 Google: Nude geroine
Whats that??? geroine??
If you meant 'heroine', I am sorry not much for u here pal. There are no nude heroines out here.

05 Oct, Thu, 03:33:09 Google:
I menitoned in a lame post that how and is what I turn to when I wanna hear desi music.

06 Oct, Fri, 08:42:43 Google: North Indian Couple Suhaag raat video

07 Oct, Sat, 16:30:52 Google: tanushree dutta tits
M sorry sir . We dont have those in stock either.

07 Oct, Sat, 20:37:53 Google: Skeleton of St. Mundita
Oh yeah thats the one in Munich.

08 Oct, Sun, 14:27:55 Google: tandoori reciepe
One of my fav posts. Reciepe to prepare Tandoori Chicken with very little effort n skill. Enjoy!!


Sakshi said...

Jeez.. Just to be sure, there are no Suhag Raat vids here , right:

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat suhag raat

hehehehehe...mebbe now this despo guy will come to your blog more often.

~ Deeps ~ said...

ROTFLMAO.........hahahahaha ....amazing when r u posting all the information which has been missing frm here but people look out for :D

Anonymous said...

=)) lols ROTFL maaaaannnnnnnnn u made my day today !

Chitrangada said...



dooffus is spending time with these kinda activities nowdaya ..u surely miss me ..:P

btw mast tha ye informative gyaan :P

suhaag raat ke sample :D

amazing amazing dooffus :D

Lalit Singh said...

Rest assured... there is nothing like that here

Evil evil you.... directing the wrong kind of traffic
If u want to send people here then write a post describing how smart, charming, sensible, funny, gods-gift-to-the-world kinda guy I am and circulate the link among ur single unattached friends ;P

Hmmmmmm... pata nahi yaar
i am not into that kinda literotica


main nahi kar raha yeh sab
people are using these searches to reach here.

delphic said...

Good job in trying to fool people. But you can't fool google...first there is god then there is google.

Chal now, give me the password so that I can see that suhaag raat stuff in your blog.

Anonymous said...

@ Delphic , lols ... I guess ur right :p , @ Lalit , haan be delphic ko dede , aise hi sahi thodi happiness paa le ;p

Chitrangada said...

oye u r tagged to write about romantic date :D

Anonymous said...

HEhehehehe. Dude i just wanted to checkout your tandori recipe as i was planing to try it today, BUT to my dismay , your site was not in my browser history or not even the search string tandori recipe was in google search history.

THAN WAIT A MINUTE, i remmber that on your front page you had a post of how some guy or guyswere getting to your blog with search string SUHAAG RAAT SAMPLE.

So i searched for the string SUHAG RAAT SAMPLE and there you are!!!! So dont think that another jerk was looking for suhaag raat sample.

SO now ill read what i actually had come to read ingredients of your reciepe.