Monday, April 14, 2008

Viva Salsa!!!

So Salsa is the latest thing that I am learning these days. 1-2 pm every Mon n Wed in the office. Its very conveniently placed for me and suits the schedule. And I am already glad that I took this decision to join the classes. It is a great way to unwind the blow away the stress. It helps me feels good and the fun part is also there.

So now I can say that I know something more than the 'Indian Freestyle' dance. The problem of two left feet continues though ;P

Friday, April 04, 2008

Long time.....

Hey all... errr anyone here??? helloooooooooo

Well I guess I cant blame u people for this long long absence. And whats the point in when u r not here to read it. To be honest, I cant even say that I have no time or am occupied with a new passion which is keeping me away from blogging. Anyways words may not be able to explain why I kept away from this blog for this while.
Well I am here today to wish Sakshi a very Happy Birthday. U rock gal!!!

To all those who hoped that someday I will be back - Thank you all. And to those detractors who wrote me off - may u be tied in a dentists chair and subjected to 36 hrs of pure 'Rock Your Body - Himesh Reshammiya Nonstop Remix'