Monday, October 16, 2006

Don’t be late for work, coz :-

¤ You might skip walking till the bus stop n hail a cab instead
¤ You might be too preoccupied with getting to work, to notice the beauty of the fall colors
¤ You might be in a hurry n forget to smile at the passer-bys
¤ You might be too busy in saving time and don’t bother to say Good Morning
¤ You might be angry with yourself and have a frown on your face, which I need not tell you, will do no good for your face-value.
¤ You might screw up your whole day by getting late.

Have a great week ahead!!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some of the searches in the past few days which have lead people to this blog are

02 Oct, Mon, 20:50:51 Google: suhaag raat ke samples
Dude/Dudette... there is no sample of suhaag raat on my blog. Surely not the kind u r interested in. A fleeting reference to the words in these two posts about Filmi Euphemisms is all I can offer.
Filmi Euphemisms I and Filmi Euphemisms II

04 Oct, Wed, 01:40:27 Google: suhag raat video
Abe tu phir aa gaya?? Video to pakka nahi hain bhai... maaf kar de plz...
I think I will remove those words from the above mentioned posts.

04 Oct, Wed, 06:49:36 Google: shireen bhan singh
**Starts day dreaming**
Stocks, Quotes, Quarterly results, financial policies never were so interesting

04 Oct, Wed, 10:36:13 Google: meetings alternative to work
04 Oct, Wed, 11:54:45 Google: "the practical alternative to work"
04 Oct, Wed, 16:48:13 Google: meetings the alternative to work
No one wants to work eh???? Get the gyan about meetings here.

04 Oct, Wed, 14:40:34 Google: mozart mother house hofgarten austria
The visit to Mozart's house in Salzburg, Austria is here.

04 Oct, Wed, 16:08:24 Google: Where is tht tomb of unknown soldier in France?
Its nothing but the Arc de Triomph yaar.

04 Oct, Wed, 18:21:47 Google: MANGAL PANDEY SKETCHES
I have no idea why Google directed u here dude. It must be some kinda bug in their algo or something.

04 Oct, Wed, 22:15:46 Google: jeevdaya netraprabha
Must be the post on Radio which brought you here. If u have listened to radio in the last decade n before u might just love this one. One of my all time fav posts.

04 Oct, Wed, 23:08:13 Google: Nike fra Smothrace
Thats in the Louvre Museum in Paris

05 Oct, Thu, 01:04:14 Google: Nude geroine
Whats that??? geroine??
If you meant 'heroine', I am sorry not much for u here pal. There are no nude heroines out here.

05 Oct, Thu, 03:33:09 Google:
I menitoned in a lame post that how and is what I turn to when I wanna hear desi music.

06 Oct, Fri, 08:42:43 Google: North Indian Couple Suhaag raat video

07 Oct, Sat, 16:30:52 Google: tanushree dutta tits
M sorry sir . We dont have those in stock either.

07 Oct, Sat, 20:37:53 Google: Skeleton of St. Mundita
Oh yeah thats the one in Munich.

08 Oct, Sun, 14:27:55 Google: tandoori reciepe
One of my fav posts. Reciepe to prepare Tandoori Chicken with very little effort n skill. Enjoy!!