Sunday, November 13, 2005


This is in line with the first post on Filmi Euphemism in which featured some of the most commonly used euphemisms in our film. (Here is a link to that in case u missed it)

And more often than not these are relating to sex.... Now this brings a Q to mind
Is depicting sex on screen such a hard task that our filmmakers have to resort to such tactics????

Now surely its not that the people of India don’t know about sex ... You don’t have a nation of 1 billion people for nothing..... In fact Indians know too much about sex... and we are pretty good at it too...our birth rates n population are proof of that... The only people who have better sex than us is the Chinese... In fact they are so good at sex, that people all over the world are dying to have sex with them... So much so that they had to build a wall around their country to stop that...

Euphemism No 8
Boiling Milk

Scene: The heroine is working in the kitchen.... newly wed wife... learning the tricks of the trade... the husband sneaks up from behind and grabs her around the waist... the heat in the kitchen , the smell of milk boiling on the stove, the spices in the kitchen and all that make the hero really hot (not that he wasn’t already horny) and they start making out oblivious of the milk on the stove ... while the hero n heroine move out of scene the camera pans into the vessel kept on stove with milk boiling... within minutes the milk starts to rise ... the rise in the level of milk is directly signifies the building up orgasm ... in five minutes the milk overflows (that’s the average time it would take - for both the activities)
Note: This euphemism can also be shown for Rape and in that case the milk boils to a rather jarring music

Euphemism No 9
Bird in Cage

This euphemism is solely reserved for use when depicting a rape scene.. The bird in the cage is analogous to the hero's sister in the grip of the villain...
Note: It will be hero's sister in 99% of the cases and this should occur somewhere in the first half of the movie.

Euphemism No 10
Fluttering Diya

This particular diya is rather from 60s and 70s where a diya would be lighted next to the person on his death bed... sitting next to the dying old man/woman would be his wife/husband, the dutiful-and-friendly neighbours, the chacha, taya, mama, mausi, doodhwala, kaam-wali-bai and a hoard of junior artists but not the son...
the son is rushing home to be besides his father/mother who is ready to kick the bucket anytime now.... as soon as he enters the room panting the diya is extinguished and the man/woman in bed has breathed his/her last....

In recent movies the diya has been oft replaced by the ECG machine .... The waves going up n down in a jagged way and finally nothing but a straight line....


Rohit Talwar said...

hey lalit.. AWESOME post!!

boiling milk.. horny lead actor.. building up orgasm... i am still laughing...loud!!!

"people all over the world are dying to have sex with them... So much so that they had to build a wall around their country to stop that..."
now that's something.. whoever gave u that logic or i am guessing its your original derivation of the wall,....ju are really cool!!

thanks for the all the humor, i really needed it right now..


~ Deeps ~ said...

tooo good as the first post abt euphemism.......made my morning...

sumu said...

jiyo mahaaraj!!! :)... solid talent hai aapmein writing ka.. :).

have fun! :)