Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chocolate and Iqbal

This weekend I saw two movies
Chocolate and Iqbal

Yeah I know they were released ages ago lekin time lagta hain yaar Copenhagen tak aane mein DVD ko and then from Copenhagen someone has to get it to Aalborg n then when ur turn comes u get to watch it...

Well... about Chocolate the lesser said the better... Anil Kappoor - hyperactive eccentric lawyer(whats with him n eccentric characters?? me thinks it all started with his much acclaimed Taal performance n just doesn't want to let go), Irfan's 'natural acting', Emran yet again obsessed with sex or money or both, Arshad is OK and so is Suniel Shetty (just a bit of advice...that hairstyle wont get you anywhere close to being a Rocker)
Sushma Reddy ... Baby there's more to acting than push-up bras
Tanushree Dutta: OK so this gal really makes Tara Sharma's acting seem like Oscar winning.... coupled with lyrics like "Mummy ko nahi hain pata" want you to forget the movie as soon as u can... however I liked her twin assets very much... NO, not her tits you pervert!!.. I was talking about her eyes... Big n Beautiful...

Biggest Let-Down
Item number by Mumait Khan
It could have been a lot better had Anil Kapoor not decided to steal the rhythm of the song every now n then.. and Mumait. Honey u need to loose those rolls of fat which have started making their presence felt...

Iqbal on the other hand is alltogether diff world ... Rampur from where emerges Rampur Express..a deaf-mute boy who aims to make it to the Indian cricket team... against all odds.. and finally manages to do so...
Strong performances by Nasser, Girish Karnad n Shreyas Talpade.. (the facial expressions and body language)
Is like any other Nagesh Kukunoor film - no frills attached... however he doesnt make an appearence as in almost all his other movies... Kapil Paaji does... however not like the most-forgettable one in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi


Rohit Talwar said...

i loved iqbal!
i love all kukunoor movies (except ofcourse hyderabad blues2..was good in parts..)

chocolate....well, never bothered to go for it.

~Lord Anshul said...

i adore iqbal..amazing movie

Br!j said...

remember gurudev thats why i said if you have watched The Usual Suspects watch it again instead of Chocolate, and if you have not watched The Usual Suspects then watch it, because thats what the original piece is.

Neway Bollywood can't create the kind of stuff hollywood has produced by just copying them. Irfan Khan Kevin Specy are no where comparable. But they have different set of audience and thats why Irfan was good in Chocolate and Kevin in TUS. Considering Sushma Reddy,, she was just trying to copy Julia Roberts, pathetically... ya I agree Tanushree Dutta has got great assets :p