Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pot Luck

23rd July 2005

So let me just begin with the party we had on saturday at my apartment..Pot Luck, as desis working in an onsite location like to call it, involves everyone getting something to eat or drink... and then all assembling at one place and partying...The idea begain to boil sometime 2 weeks ago and then finally it was decided that it happens this saturday... about 30 odd people.. and the menu was discussed n distributed amongst the attendees

Well I was incharge of boiled rice .. a dish which i can manage to cook... and apart from that cleaning the apartment so as to make it presentable for saturday...well lemme tell u that any ideas drawn from the above statements clearly do not reflect my culinary skills or the state of my apartment :-)just for the heck of it let me tell u another item that i made .... bar-be-qued chicken marinated in a mixure of curd, lemon, zeera, laung, salt, chilli powder n pepper .. the condiments first roasted n then ground... a small indication of the taste would be the fact that the dish didn’t even last for about 10 seconds from the moment it was served

The cleaning took almost the entire after noon and after that we went for shopping so as to stock the house for the party in the evening and the week ahead.. after that a quick shower n shave and i am ready to P-A-R-T Y? Coz i wanna

Shreerang, the BRM (Business Relationship Manager) was the first to arrive with apple juice french fries and garlic bread... next to come were Sukhbir Singh Lamba(our local WWF wrestler) Rimpy (Sukhbir's better half) and their angel Tavleen Tamba (that's how she pronounces her name)... soon guests followed and the kitchen which was my domain from morning was taken over by the wives club...BTW its a huge club... considering that there are just about 4 bachelor’s in the whole group

The starters started coming and the Johnny Walkers were starting to empty... smell of garlic bread in the air, fries and the irshads and wah wahs from the local mushayara.. wah
all the guys were clubbed together near the place where the local makeshift bar was setup.. non veg jokes in hushed voices were doing the rounds.. and our BRM recording them on his PDA at the same time ..

It was dinner time and our dining table was witnessing such a plethora of dishes perhaps for the first time... shrimp, chicken, navratan korma, poori, icecream, gulab jamun, raita, bobhi, egg biryani and not to forget my good old plain boiled rice
after dinner time it was cardamom n clove served right alongside Stimorol... soon bade goodnight to most of the guests and then started the cleanup process. Datta Manish and my roomie Sachin still being around... and then it was cards till 2:30 ...Sachin n Datta were at the receiving end this time..
Slept till noon today(sunday)... but looking back at the events saying that the party was nice would def be an understatement.

First Day

28th May 2005
Dopahar 1 baje Denmark ke Aalborg airport pe padhare.... weather is a bit windy and chilly but shirt mein kaam chal raha hain....airport se mercedes taxi mein aaya... (Sitting in a Merc for the first time!!) ...

Friend ke ghar pahuch ke chai pee aur nikal pade carnival dekhne....aalborg is a beautiful city.... aaj yahan "karnival aalborg" chal raha hain... karnival aalborg bole to north europe ka sabse mast event.... entire city is filled with people who have been dinking since morning and having a good time...gori gori choriyaan daru peeke dhut.... acres of flesh and cleaveage on display.... danish ladkiyaan bole to ekdum raapchick..... jhakaas would be an understatement....people dressed up as anything and everything.... kapde (rather lack thereof) to poocho mat.... alag alag log perform kar rahe they..... brazilian samba ... drum beats from caribbean.. aur kya dance chal raha tha....

mind boggling...i am totally blown off by all this...

town is a typical smalltown european place... no traffic at all... nukad nukad pe bar/pub hain...dekhte hain kaisa time beet-ta hain yahan

Have my fingers crossed!