Friday, March 30, 2007

How to become a Serial KilleR?

People People People!!
Stop your children from torturing animals right away, lest you want them to become sssserial killeRs. You heard me!!

”America mein yeh saabit bhi hua hain ki jab chota bacha hota hain, woh kisi animal pe torture karta hain, bada hone ke baad, woh ssserial killer ban jata hain.”

Thank you Ms. R for enlightening us with that pearl of wisdom. Meanwhile I will just clandestinely, renew my PETA membership.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Summertime

Sakshi tagged me to write eight things that I love about summer.

1) Chuttiyaan(Holidays) - Each year as is the norm in most Indian schools we had 2 months of vacation and it used to be a time we all looked forward to. No schools, no homework, no getting up early, no tension.... Stress free life for 2 months (yeah all these are thew things that may lead to stress in the life of a school-goer)

2) Trips to the village - We used to go each year to our village(earlier) in the summer vacations. Slowly the trips started becoming less frequent but the summer time is still associated to the days spent in that remote village in Uttarakhand with no electrivity and nearest road about an hour away. Playing with cows buffaloes, bulls goats chicken we had 'em all.

3) Popsicles, Golas (desi-popsicle), Roohafza, Rasna, Neembu-pani, Aam-ras, Sattu, Lassi, Chanch - and all the summer food.

4) Extended Playtime - with lesser work to do we had increased playtime. Cricket and football but sometimes hockey too. Not to mention the post game talks and catching up on different things with frnds.

5) New Books - Dont u just love the smell of new books? I do. And Each year in the summer holidays I would skim through the whole english book, reading chapters like stories. even History chapters. waorking away math's syllabuis lietning to the radio.

6) SUPW/Science/Art Projects - Making scrap book of news in the vacations or making that burglar alarm for the science project, or something similar. The school authorities made sure we were occupied for sometime during the vacations.

7) The White Uniform - I loved the white summer uniform we had at school. It was so much better than the grey & blue of winters and no ties or the summer dress of many other schools (mehroon, green, khaki etc).

8) Weather - Denmark has really nasty winters and summer is such awaited with much gusto.
The two or three months of summer is a time when its one of the better places to be. No more covered under layers of clothes to protect from the cold n winds. Not to mention the eye candy :P
(This makes me wonder why the Danes would want to vacation and visit far flung places at the precise time when the weather here is at its best).

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Updates

OK Dahlings!!! Moi back, with nothing in particular to write. Just some random updates.

Tomorrow my project is getting released so I will have some time at my hand after that. I promise to complete ur tags Sakshi. Also, have some important work related things being decided over the weekend, but I'd rather not talk about it now. Tomorrow is also the all important match for India against the Lankans. If we win this, we are through. The calculations favor us then. Else it is TATA WC.

Now the most exciting news. M visiting Luxembourg & Brussels in the Easter vacations. HEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. 5-9th April. Just can't wait. The vacation has come in good time - just as the work pressure was surmounting. A perfect break I would say.

Whats new with you?

Sunday, March 11, 2007


So guys, get ready to see something like wardrobe malfunction, gay designers, undercutting Czech/Hungarian/random-Easter-European-country models, underpaid workers in sweatshops, child labor n exploitation... get the drift?

Thank you so much Mr Bhandarkar, for making us acquainted with the nuisances of Mumbai bar girls, Page 3 reporters n socialites, Corporate honchos, Traffic signal workers n soon fashion world. Pardon my audacity, but may I suggest the theme of your next movie after fashion.
Yes sir, u heard it right, Information Technology. Cmon, please enlighten the whole country about these ‘poster boys of matrimonial classifieds who are paid handsomely, perceived to be intelligent and travel abroad frequently, but in reality are not programmers, but mere coders’. Let each and every prospective father-in-law know that the nincompoop he plans for his bundle-of-joy is a mere 'smart assembly line worker'.

Please let the countrymen know that the so-called software engineers are doing nothing but cut-copy-paste and producing kilo lines of code day after day in a single repeatable fashion. Tell them how the overzealous managers estimate 5 days of work by 4 people into a 3 day work by 2 people and we spineless creatures won’t say a word just coz they pay us well. Tell them that it requires an IQ only higher than a plant to fix the errors after market close so that all settlements can be done n trade can resume the next day at NSE/BSE. Tell them that scanning n monitoring a banking rollout night after night is something which your neighborhood watchman can very well do with some basic computer training. Tell them how we are also responsible for the sky-rocketing real estate prices.

Tell them how we salivate when we hear the words onsite. How dollars are all we think when we are awake or asleep, whereas other professionals traveling abroad are doing it for a) their love for America/any-other-country b) to help the citizens of that country in every way possible c) to make the population and space density a little less in India d) other charitable reasons.
Please , oh please, Mr Bhandarkar, this is something you must do to stop the millions of collegians who dream to be an IT professional.

Saturday, March 10, 2007