Monday, April 23, 2007


Easter vacation is always a time to rejoice, to enjoy the warmth in the air and smell the spring. Yet again the traveller is off to satiate his wanderlust. Destination - Luxembourg & Belgium. Met the 3 frnds (A, G & S, who r students at the university) at the train station and off we were on the 6 day journey to visit some of the most beautiful places in Europe. At the train station I met a frnd J, who married recently and was off for a delayed honeymoon to Switzerland. Turns out we all will be sharing the train till Odense. We are in the same wagon but thankfully the seats are far away. Their lovey-dovey journey will not be interrupted. From Odense we hop on to the DB Nachtzug (night train) till Düsseldorf. Here the stop was for 1.5 hrs where we managed to get fresh n grab a bite before we took the final train. The journey from here was one of the most beautiful I have had till now. The train moving at a steady pace along the banks of Rhine & Moselle and all this while you can catch the montains the river n campers along the banks of the rivers just enjoying being out there at the onset of spring or families spending the Easter vacations together by camping in a trailer next to the river.

We reached Luxembourg around 11:45 am and managed to get all the free maps n info from the tourist office. At the station we met a French gentleman of Indian descent (Pondicherry), who was going back from a business trip. He told us that the city was very small and that we could walk most of it. We took the one day Family Pass for Luxembourg City (€20/-) which entitles you to free rides in all public transport and a free walking tour of the city. If you are a group of 3-4 or 5 then usually the family pass works out a much better deal. Be warned that some places issue family passes with restrictions like 2 adults - 2 children n sort.

Reached the Youth Hostel, after taking a bus and me explaining to the driver in my very poor French where we had to go. It was strange that he kept replying in German despite the fact that both French and German are taught in schools n most people can speak both languages. The youth hostel has no age limit and it was hard to find any youth around. The Chinese people staying next door were a couple with 2 children and the number of old people around made us wonder if they should name it Old Age Home. The room however was fantastic with a good view and lovely bunk beds. Since I was traveling with friends who were students, we were on a kind of budget travel. The hostel was very good and we were already feeling nice about our decision. We changed n left to visit the city after some snacks.

1000-year-old fortress city of Luxembourg is perched high atop a rocky outcrop, overlooking the rivers Petrusse and Alzette, and offers stunning views from the city's old ramparts. The city divulges many of its premier sights in the space of an afternoon’s leisurely stroll. The city has a lot of old buildings and a lot of history attached to it. In the pic you can see parts of the old fortress, the river Alzette which flows through the city in a serpentine manner, Neumünster Abbey including the Church of St. Jean and the cranes in the background, busy with all the construction of new buildings offices, apartments. The very old (as in AK Hangal type old), old and the new, all existing together in harmony.

Hotel De Ville - Luxembourg Town Hall at Knuedler

The walking tour starts at 2pm from the tourist office at Knuedler, Place d'armes. The place derives its name from the word Knued which means the knot in the belt of a Francisian. The equestrian statue of William II, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg, lotsa cafes and an open market on every second Saturday adorns the square. Our guide, an elderly gentleman, introduced us to the group of Germans and French as 'friends from India', and did mention Laxmi Narayan Mittal who had just taken over Arcelor, whose headquarters are situated in Luxembourg. The tour took us through most of the old part of Luxembourg.

First up was the Grand Ducal Palace, the official residence of the Grand Duke (since this is his 'official' residence, obviously he doesn’t live here) and the host to official receptions and state ceremonies. The building would look more of a grand house rather than a palace but that’s how small some of the things are in Europe. It is very simple, elegant and beautiful. No high arches, flamboyant designs motifs, statues or anything. Just next to the palace is the Parliament building which is also very old and almost from the same period as the palace. The flags of Luxembourg and EU flutter in front of it so it should be easily recognizable.

Old gate of the town
The area around the palace is more or less old town. All vintage buildings with a few modern ones popping in here n there. The guide hated those buildings and made his hatred evident on numerous occasions during the tour. I cdnt agree with him more, as those buildings made of glass n steel n concrete were an eyesore.

St Michael's Church is a one of the oldest structures of the city, built for the first time in 987 AD and renovated ad enlarged a number of times since. The changes done in the structure can be seen in some of the walls. Architecture is primarily Romanesque & Baroque and some beautiful stained glass work.

The quire
The organ gallery

The Notre-Dame Cathedral dates back to 1613 although the artistic decoration of the interior was gradually completed over a period of several decades. You can see the late Gothic style structure here and no doubt it is very impressive. You can visit from 10am to noon and then from 2 to 5:30 pm daily. Guess everyone needs a lunch break :)

The Gélle Fra Memorial, also known as Golden Lady, represents a gold-plated female figure on a stone obelisk. It symbolizes freedom and resistance and commemorates the Luxembourgers who perished in the First World War.
A stone throw away from the memorial is Pont (bridge) Adolphe. It was, in the early 20th century, the biggest stone arch-bridge in the world. The big double-arch has a spread of 85 m and crosses the Petrusse valley at a height of 42 m. From the bridge one gets to see the beautiful Petrusse Valley below.
Luxembourg City in the middle ages was a mighty fortress -called 'Gibraltar of the North' and parts of the original walls and fortifications remain. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site. In the fortifications we also see some hollowed out structures. These are the Casemates. The Casemates are a unique network of man-made underground caverns used in times of siege to house men, horses and armour from 1644 onwards.

Legend has it that Melusina, wife of the founder of Luxembourg Count Siegfried, laid a condition that she would be left alone for one full day and night every month when she would retire into her chambers in the Casemates. Siegfried's curiosity got the better of him and he peeped in one day only to see that Melusina was lying in the bathtub, with a fishtail hanging over the rim. Melusina caught her husband peeping through the door, and jumped out of the window into the river Alzette below, never to be seen again. Except every now and then, some people say they saw a beautiful girl's head pop out of the river, and a fishtail rippling the calm waters of the river Alzette.
You can walk to most places of interest in Luxembourg and its uneven terrain offers you narrow winding paths, cobbled streets and other options. While walking to the station the next day, I saw a group of girls approaching me. So far I have encountered enough of these people to tell from a distance that they were Missionaries.(Yeah, those are the only girls who approach me). One of the girls, who was a Sri Lankan I suppose, asked me "Do you speak English?". I said, "No" and walked on. I wish I could've captured the look on her face. Well I would've liked to hear her point and tell her that I didn't think Jesus was the answer to all my problems. The end result wouldn't have changed anything for any of us. But sometimes these people really get on my nerves. Lord!! Save me from your followers.
Thx Deepti for all the help with the new template.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jingle Bells III

Time to post some of those sarkari jingles. Oh no, I'm not gonna write about the 'Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya' and 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara'. I think they have been discussed way too much and everyone knows them. Lemme draw your attention towards a few lesser known jingles. Here they come:-

Chal padi hain ik lahar
Gao gao aur shehar shehar
Shishu ki raksha sandesh hamara
Shishu ki raksha uddesh hamara
Jacha Bacha Teeka Kendra or something

A boy writing something on a board
Purab se soorya uga
Faila ujiyara
Jaagi har disha disha
Jaaga jag saara
Manohar Singh - Yakeen nahi hota yeh wahi Kishan hain

Rashtriya Saksharta Mission
And whenever this guy Kishan in our class answered any question, all used to say together 'Yakeen nahi hota yeh wahi Kishan hain'
Another ad with the same song n theme, in which a lady teaches a young woman how to read n write.

Bol sakhi bol
Tera raaz kya hai
Kya hai teri khushi ka raaz
Tu bata de humko aaj....
Garbh nirodhak goliyaan Mala D hai mera raaz

(Thx Nishant for reminding me the remaining lines)
Bachonmein antar ke liye
Jeevan mein khushi ke liye
Tum bhi apna lo aaj
Mala D, Mala D, Mala D

2 body builders with these large hammers hitting 2 coconuts, one inside a helmet
Marzi hain aapki aakhir sar hain aapka

This one is my outright favorite
Aman Verma and Hemant Chaudhary (I guess that was his name) in a campaign regarding safety at unmanned railway crossings.

[HC as a yankee bike rider](the bike was Yamaha RX100, Silver petrol tank)
AV - Rukiye bhai sahab rukiye zara saawdhani se... aagey train aa rahi hain
HC - Saawadhaaani... what saawadhaaani man??? Thand rakho thand ... Cool down .. Koi farak nahi padta hain.

[As a Bihari Matador driver] (matador was one of those which carried the F for Firodia in front)
HC - Ka hain??? Aur doosra kauno kaam dhaam naahi hain ka....Jab dekho bakar bakar bakar!!!
AV - Bhai sahab train .. blah blah blah
HC - Arrey hatiye saamne se .. kauno farak naahi padta hain

[As a Jaat bus driver]
The bus comes to a screeching halt....

HC - Akhaan phoot gayi ke??? Hor koi gaddi na mili maran ke liye. Ibbi ho jaata tera Happy Budday.
AV - Par bhaisahab wahan train aa rahi hain
HC - Manne na pakadni...aur tu jara sad (side) ne holey.. mar mara jayegaa .. late ho rahe hain late
AV - Bhaisahab train....
HC - Rey, koi farak na padta
HC on a potrait with a flower garland around his neck
HC - Farak to padta hain bhai!!

This ad made the line 'Ibbi ho jata tera happy budday' so famous that it was used left, right n center henceforth. The line 'Jab dekho Bakar Bakar Bakar' also became very popular.

Some smart people gave the logic that AV was repsonsible for getting the poor bus driver killed coz he engaged him in that conversation. Had he not stopped him the bus driver would have long been gone before the train came :) and hence came the revised moral of the Story - Dont stop n listen to anybody on a unmanned railway crossing. Just keep driving :P

Another sarkari oldie (Thx Nishant once again)

Padhna likhna seekho oh mehnat karne walo
Padhna likhna seekho oh dhoop mein chalne walo

क ख ग घ को पहचानो
अलिफ को पढना सीखो
अ आ इ ई को
हथियार बना के लड़ना सीखो...
Padhna likhna seekho oh mehnat karne walo
Padhna likhna seekho oh dhoop mein chalne walo

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jingle Bells II

Continuing with jingles... Installment Number II

Ravi Baswani & Archana Joglekar
Oye oye, Oye oye
Khujli karne waale
B-Tex lagale
B-Tex lagake tu apni
Daad khaaj khujli mita le
Oye Oye

Samay ka pahiya ghoome
Dil tere sang jhoome
Yeh jo apni preet hai
Yeh jo apna saath hai
Ik do din ki baat nahi
Barso purana saath hain
Dekhun jab bhi khoob lagey
Naya Naya tera roop lagey

Badami badami mausam
Badami...sapnon ka sangam
Baalon mein resham aur sapnon ka mel
Bajaj Sevashram ka

Another Tel
Ghane mulaytam kaale baal
Khile khile matwale baal
Resham ka ehsaas jage
Chehhra kitna khaas lage
Aap ke baal hon ya Sridevi ke baal,
saalon saal rakhe khayal

The lovely(then) Sonali Bendre
Tum husn pari
Tum jan-e-jahan
Tum sabse haseen
Tum sabse jawan
Saundarya sabun NIRMA
Saundarya sabun NIRMA

I only rem the last 3 lines of this ad, maybe u can fill me if u rem
Har khel mein safalta paate hain
Hardil mein rang laate hain
Ispat bhi hum banate hain

It rinses
It even dries ur clothes
In just a few mintues...
You are ready for the show!

Nanhe munhe bacche teri mutthi mein kya hai
Muthi mein hain mera nanha munna RASNA
isme swad ka jaaaaduuu bhara hain
Packet Kholo, paani mein daalo
Paani mein ophir chini mil lo
Naya chota RASNA
3 rupaye mein aaye
6 glass banaya
I love u

Landlord(angrily)- Bhada naheen dena to makaan khaali kar do
PAN PASAND - Pan ka swad, gazab ki mithas
Bhada nahi dena hain to kyon na yeh makaan khaali kar do

Pan Pasand ad with Archana Joglekar(man I loved her eyes)
KYA!!! Shadi aur tumse, kabhi nahi.

Pan Pasand ad with Bharati Achrekar
Dekho mujhey gussa mar dilao, apni biwi pe hukum chalate ho

The ad which featured Sunil Gavaskar
Take the world in his strides... DINESH
I wonder if the brand is still alive

Humko pata hain jee
Aapko pata hain jee
Sabko pata hain jee
Barso se chahat apni
Yehi hain jee.. Apni bhi
swad bhare, shakti bhare

Vivek Vaswani - Sir, which shaving cream do you use?
VV - But why?
G1 - Great shave. Cologne fragrance. Wife loves it!
VV asks same questions to another guy
That fellow turns around, but turns out he has a beard "Me?"

Gudiya rani, badi seyani, paye hamesha plus

Yeh hain badhta baccha dekho kaisi kood lagaye
Yeh hain badhta baccha kapda chota hota jaye
I'm a COMPLAN Girl
(Shahid Kapoor & Ayesha Takia)

Someone crying in a boys dorm/hostel
Bakeman's kha
Chup ho ja
Ab tu zara muskura
Rona dhona bas kar bas
I remember my Mom used to threaten me by saying "Agar kehna nahi mana to tere ko bhi hostel mein bhej dengey" and that used to scare the shit out of me :)

3 demons Kabz, Acidity, Sardard
3 gunshots Dhickkaun Dhickkaun Dhickkaun
Rakesh Bedi - Goliyon ka bhi asar nahi
Swami ji - Inka ilaaj goliyaan nahi, Ayurved hain
Dekho iske asar se Kabz, Acidity aur Sardard jaise rakshas kaise gayab hote hain
Bhavnagar wale Sheth Brothers ka KAYAM CHURAN

A boy in Superman like costume. The S being replaged by G
Yeh jaan mein jaan daal de
Peete hi

Kya hai nam janab ka
Yeh hai little cooler VIDEOCON ka
Thandi hawa hai aah aah aah
Daam bhi kam hai wah wah wah
Har mausam me kaam ka
Bin awaaz araam ka
Ghar office ya dawakhana
Pahiyon pe chalke aasan hai aana

Hema Malini - Aaj bacchon ke kamre mein gulab CASPER
Esha & sis - Aur mummy ke chandan CASPER

School se aate dhoom machate
Ek pal nahi ruk paate (Thx Sakshi for correcting)
Ek hi baat hain doharaate
Pal bhar mein taiyar
Khaane mein mazedaar

Salesman ho ya vyapaari
Manager ya karamchari
Sabhi ki tarakee ka kya hain source

And the lovely Preeti Sagar singing
Baagon ki taazgi laye
Packet band shuddhata aaye
Brooke Bond Red Label chai
Har bar tassali dilaye
Packet band shuddhata aaye

A robot holding a tubelight like sword
Bijli ke bill mein katauti
Raushani mein badhotari
Roshni ki duniya ka sartaj - BAJAJ

Asli tel hain dhara
Tamper proof hain dhara
Thode se hi paiso mein
Ho jata hain guzara

Kyon? Aakhir kyon behtar hai AEROSTAR HELMETS?
Zara sochiye

Yeh BULLET meri jaan, manzilon ka nishaan
Zindagi ek safar, chalna shaam-o-sehar
Iski raftaar ki, baat hai aur hi
Lambi Rahon pe yeh kya gazab ki chale
Raaste tai kare faasle tai kare

Laal Kaala Peela,
Gulabi Hara Neela
CLASSIC hai badhiya bristle wala
CLASSIC ka to andaaz hain nirala
Yahi hain yahi hain yahi to hain wooooooooooh

Girl1 - Excuse me kaunse college mein padhti ho tum
Girl2 - Collge aur main hehehehe
a small girl shouts to Girl2 - Mummyyyyyyyy
Meri Twacha se meri umr ka pata hi nahi chalta
Haldi aur chandan ke gun samaye SANTOOR
Jeevan ko khushhaal banaye SANTOOR SANTOOR
This 'meri twacha se ...' line became such a cliché later on

Girl(Ayesha Takia) - Daddy yeh aadha kya hain?
Daddy - Toothpaste aadha
CIBACA FLORIDE toothpaste.

Bachey budhey aur jawan
pehne Young India
Young India

Kitchen king ho, ya garam masala
Chai ka masala, ya chane ka masala
Kasuri methi, ya deghi mirach
Asli masale, sach sach

Khana meri jaan meri jaan sunday ke sunday
Khana meri jaan meri jaan murgi ke ande.
Boiled khilaoon, omlette khilaoon, fried khilaoon...
Khilana meri jaan meri jaan sunday ke sunday
Sunday ho ya monday, roz khaiye ande
National Egg Coordination Comittee

This was hilarious one.. dunno about the rest but i found it very amusing
Chehre se raajrani
Aur paero se naukarani
KRACK cream

Ik sawaal sab karein
rang tera kaise nikhra
Haldi dhoop, taap se bachaye
Doodh kheera nariyal paani
Jadi bootiyaan rang nikhare
Aur kuch hi hafto mein rang tera
Nikhar nikhar jaaye
This ad featured Raveena Tandon
I think Sonali Bendre was also in another Fairness cream ad - FEM fairness cream but dont rem anything else else about the ad.

Hongey bachey swasth
Fale foolegaa bachpan
Inhe pilao
A-ha mithi mithi

Khilta bachpan
Rog se mukti
Isiliye Maa ki mamta ko pyari
Baal Jeevan Ghutti , haan

Another ad for a similar product but I don't rem the jingle, only the last lines
Dabur Janam ghutti
Yaani bachon ki tandurusti

which we distorted as - Dabur Janam Ghutti, kar de bachon ki chutti

And thx Anshul for reminding me this gem
Pyar hua ikraar hua
Pyar se phir kyu darta hain dil
Deluxe Nirodh
50 paise mein 3
(S, u know now, it wasnt a cheap candy :P)

And how can anyone forget this gem:-
Doodh doodh doodh doodh
Doodh hai wonderful
Pi sakte ho roz glassful
doodh doodh doodh doodh

Garmi me dalo doodh me ice
Doodh ban gaya very nice
Piyo daily once or twice
Mil jayega tasty surprise

Doodh doodh doodh doodh doodh, wonderful doodh,

Doodh hai must in every season
Piyo doodh for healthy reason
Rahoge phir fit and fine
Jiyoge past ninety-nine

Doodh doodh doodh doodh doodh, wonderful doodh,

Charon aur, mach gaya shor
Give me more, give me more
Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme wonderful doodh
Piyo glassful doodh doodh doodh doodh

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Is it what it appears to be??? Sallu checking out the participant's ass!!!!

Salman Khan at Yuva Shree 2007 in Goregaon, Mumbai.

I bet he got lotsa eye candy :P

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jingle Bells I

Update: Keeping in mind the current nostalgic mood, I have cued the Jungle book track in the 'Now Playing' Section. Njoy!!!

My good friend Kusum wrote a post that somehow touched me in a very strange but likeable way. She wrote about some advertisements from the time long gone and forgotten, to some extent. When there was only one channel, and later two channels. Good old Doordarshan. I thought of writing about a few advertisements... E&OE (bhool chook leni deni)

Yeh bechaara kaam ke bojh ka maara hai.
Inhe chahiya Hamdard ka taanic,CINKARA

Pehla pyaar, laaye jeevan mein bahar, pehla pyaar
Jab tan se chuve, nayi baatein kahe
Pehla pyaar
JAI soap
tan man mehake aise pehla pyar ho jaise

Raju tumhare daat to motiyon jaise chamak rahe hain(which became a oft-repeated line whenever someone beamed a smile)
Kyu na ho masterji, main dabur ka laal dant manjan jo istemaal karta hun
Daanto ki kare hifazat moti sa chamkaye
DABUR LAAL DANTMANJAN se mujhda khil-khil jaaye

Washing powder NIRMA, Washing powder NIRMA
doodh si safedi nirma se aaye
Raaangeeen kapda bhi khilkhil jaaye
sabki pasand nirma
Washing powder NIRMA, Washing powder NIRMA

which was follwed later with a similar sounding ad when they launced the washing soap

iske jhaaaaaag ne jaadu kar diya
paani mein rehkar bhi yeh kam galey
dheero kapde dhoye aur zyada chale
sabki pasand nirma
Washing powder NIRMA, Detergent tikiya NIRMA

Asrani- Aye bhai Raam laxman bulb dena
Viju Khote - Aisa koi bulb nahi aata
Asrani- Kaise dukaandaar hain ji aap. duniya bhar mein mashhuur, badhiya quality se ban hua bahut hi badhiya bulb hain woh
Viju K- LAXMAN SYLVANIA BULB chahiye aapko
Asrani- Haan haan wohi, lekin ek nahin cheh.
Viju K- Cheh?
Asrani- poore ghar ke badal daalungaa

Another ad about ECE bulbs-
Wife- Bhool na jaana! ECE bulb laana
Parsi Bawa - aye dikro bhoolto nahi. ECE bulb laaujo
Bhoolbe na nee sho bulb ECE bulb.
Ba ba ba ba bulb
Zyada de ujala deeno-din chalne wala
ECE bulb ECE tube

Girl on hoarding - Suno suno ae babuji ting ting ting ting kapde kyu hain maile dhule"
Dilip tahil- "maile??? maine to laundry mein dhulwayen the"
girl - "to kya thehro..farak dekh lo"
VIMAL washing powder

Another favorite
tan tan tan tan tan , tan tan tan , tan tan tan tan tan tan tan
Tandurusti ki raksha karta hain lifebuoy
Lifebuoy hain jahaaaaaaan, tandurusti hain wahan

Couldnt stand the yucky smell of this soap.

Shopkeeper - Oho Deepkia ji, lijiye aapka sab saamaan taiyaar hain
Deepika- (Who played the role of Sita in Ramayan) Yeh nahi woh
S- Lekin aap to woh hamesha mehngi wali tikiya..
D- Leti thi. magar jab wahi quality, wahi safedi, wahi jhaag kam daamo mein mile, to koi yeh kyu le.. woh na le
S- maan gaye
D - Kise
S - aapki paarkhi nazar n NIRMA SUPER. Dono ko
Aapki paarki nazar line we used to much during teenage years among friends... no prizes for guessing kya parakhte the :P

Lift out of order. A young takes the stairs and starts panting soon after. An old guy takes over
Saath saal ke boodhe ya saath saal ke jawan???
Inki rag rag mein josh aur tandurusti ka raaz

Rug rug mein taakat jagaye.. takat jo jeena sikhaye

And while I am at Zandu
peeda haari balm
sardi sar dard peeda ko
pal mein door kare
ZANDU Baaaaaaaalm, ZANDU Balm

Match ka aakhri gend, aur yeh laga sixer....Natraj phir champion
Bonded Lead wali NATRAJ pencil

Bhojan ke baad Swad
Hajme ki goli Swad
Ayurvedic tatwo se bani
hain yeh goli Swad

Hawkins ki seeti baji, khushboo hi khushboo udi
Mazedaar, lazzatdar khana hai taiyaar, aji khana hai taiyaar!
Murg Musallam, Tomato Soup, Matar Pulao, Maa ki Daal, Kheer aur Dum Aloooooooo
Har vyanjan swadisht banaaye, minton mein jhatpat pakaaye

I still use a Hawkins pressure cooker, brought from India, albeit only for boiling rice, daal & potatoes. No kheer, murg mussalam, dumalu etc :(

Yaad aa gaya mujhko guzraa zamana
khushboo bheeni bheeni. zayaka suhana

yeh jawan dil yeh pal
laut ke na aayengey kal
rahon pe apni chalo
jo jee mein aaye karo

One of my favorite drinks.

Bade pahiyon ki hain badi baat PANTHER PANTHER
in raston pe barso ka saath
bade bade pahiye hain iske badi hain iski baat
kaise bhi mushkil ho raste nahi koi dar ki baat...
(then they show panther next to a tractor... hehehe)
dekha iske bade pahiyon ka kamaal, yahan tak bhi le aaye

Kya hua..???
Bachhi ro rahi thi...
Woodwards de de. Wohi to mein tumhe deti thi jab tum choti thi....

Masti jab chaye
Aur kuch samajh na aaye
CRAX CRAX ho jaye!!

Don't tell me you neevr wore those rings in your fingers and then took the whole finger in your mouth to eat the Crax.

Kharish khujli ya ho daad
RINGCUTTER ko rakhna yaad
Jagsonpal ka RINGCUTTER

Jo OK sabun se nahaye
kamal sa khil jaaye
some guy, realising in the bath - "Sachmuch kaafi bada hain"
OK nahane ka bada sabun!!!

We used OK soap when I was small and Mom used to cut the soap into two parts and gave it to us. Each one use their own soap. My sis, Kusum, used to always have ask for the part with K in it and just to piss her off I too asked for it which lead to sveral fights. :D

So jaa meri jaan, na kar maa ko pareshan
chodd tu rona ,bechain hona
apne baap par kar ehsaan
abhi na karna doosre ki baat
pyar ko chahiye KOHINOOR ka bharosemand saath
(This one had Raja bundela)

(Wild horse galloping)
MASTI ne banaya humein marzi ka maalik
jeevan ki baag-dor hamare haath mein aa gayi

More later...

PS: A similar nostalgic post about Radio jingles.