Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Summertime

Sakshi tagged me to write eight things that I love about summer.

1) Chuttiyaan(Holidays) - Each year as is the norm in most Indian schools we had 2 months of vacation and it used to be a time we all looked forward to. No schools, no homework, no getting up early, no tension.... Stress free life for 2 months (yeah all these are thew things that may lead to stress in the life of a school-goer)

2) Trips to the village - We used to go each year to our village(earlier) in the summer vacations. Slowly the trips started becoming less frequent but the summer time is still associated to the days spent in that remote village in Uttarakhand with no electrivity and nearest road about an hour away. Playing with cows buffaloes, bulls goats chicken we had 'em all.

3) Popsicles, Golas (desi-popsicle), Roohafza, Rasna, Neembu-pani, Aam-ras, Sattu, Lassi, Chanch - and all the summer food.

4) Extended Playtime - with lesser work to do we had increased playtime. Cricket and football but sometimes hockey too. Not to mention the post game talks and catching up on different things with frnds.

5) New Books - Dont u just love the smell of new books? I do. And Each year in the summer holidays I would skim through the whole english book, reading chapters like stories. even History chapters. waorking away math's syllabuis lietning to the radio.

6) SUPW/Science/Art Projects - Making scrap book of news in the vacations or making that burglar alarm for the science project, or something similar. The school authorities made sure we were occupied for sometime during the vacations.

7) The White Uniform - I loved the white summer uniform we had at school. It was so much better than the grey & blue of winters and no ties or the summer dress of many other schools (mehroon, green, khaki etc).

8) Weather - Denmark has really nasty winters and summer is such awaited with much gusto.
The two or three months of summer is a time when its one of the better places to be. No more covered under layers of clothes to protect from the cold n winds. Not to mention the eye candy :P
(This makes me wonder why the Danes would want to vacation and visit far flung places at the precise time when the weather here is at its best).


~ Deeps ~ said...

i am sure weather wont count as a good point of summer once u r back to india :Ddee

Sakshi said...

Mera gold le liye aur kisine..

And you had a summer uniform? I guess Delhi schools let out later than ours.
I loved doing this tag. Just bought back the joy of childhood.

Lalit Singh said...

Sahi kaha sir
Delhi summer weather is def not on my fav list :)

Silver hi sahi is baar
we had summer & winter uniforms

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Oh God!! I thought I was the only one who read all the new books in the Summer hols!! Oh yeah, they smelt good...and rooafzaaa...i miss that

~Lord Anshul said...

i love to put wwe stickers on my new books and copies..and also to cover them up with brownpaper...

man!! wat a tag :)