Friday, March 10, 2006

Tandoori Nights

As I was sending this pic to my family today I felt like posting it here. No, I am not planning to turn this into a food blog and Yes, I do send pics of my cullinary exploits(among other things), like the one above n the one below, back home esp for my Ma. So that she is (re)assured that her "laadla beta" is doing just fine with his cooking, which he is in the process of learning. Yeah, I heard u mutter 'Mamma's Boy'.

This pic was clicked on Saturday and this was the first time I was tryin my hand at Tandoori and the results were rather appreciable, as you can see. [Pats himself on the back]

Here is the recipe for Tandoori Chicken, my style(which basically translates to low-skill-low-resource style):-

8-10 Cloves (Laung)
10-15 Pepper (Kaali Mirch)
3-5 Cardamom (Elaichi)
1-2 Badi Elaichi (Sorry I don't know what it is called in English. You see my profession, doesn't require me to have a vocabulary greater than 3000 words and doesn't allow me time to take it above 3000 words)
Roast the above ingredients a lil on a pan and grind them under a rolling pin. (You may also use a food processor but I can't. A bachelor like me really would not have an idea what a food processor can be used for. Neither do I own such fancy appliances. The money saved this way is used in other highly neccessary comodities like beer)
Mix the spices in a cup of yogurt.
Add Salt, Red chilli powder,Garam masala n Chicken masala acc to taste. Whisk it well. Marinade is ready.
Clean the chicken pieces n make slits on it with a knife so that the marinade can penetrate deep. Rub the mixture on the pieces and when they are coated properly let the chikcen pieces marinate for about 6-8 hours.
Preheat the oven at 225 deg and place the chicken pieces in it... preferable in a skewer.
Turn the pieces every 10 minutes.. adding the marinade to it if it gets dry. If the meat starts to leave water then dab it with a tissue n remove it so that the pieces are dry.
In about 40 mins, with two coatings of marinade and turning the pieces around every 10 mins, the chicken should be ready. Brush the pieces with a liberal coat of butter.

(Tip: Butter will appreciate the taste of any dish in the world
It is tips such as this, which have enabled the smooth transition of my Struggling-to-make-its-existence-felt paunch into a Fuck-me-I-am-famous paunch)

Remove from oven, garnish with sliced cucumber, tomatoes n chillies. Sprinkle a pinch of Chaat masala and a dash of lime on the dish.

Well, as they say [Accent=Latino]"Share it with someone you love".[/Accent], and I share it with you dear readers.
Bon Appétit!!

¤ The author shall in no way be held responsible for any health complications arising due to consumption of any dish prepared keeping the above guidelines in mind.
¤ In case the adventure spirit gets better of you, keep Gelusil, Digene or Zintec handy.

And before I forget..Recipe for Gulab Jamuns:-
Get a pack of GITS Gulab Jamun Mix. Follow instructions at the back of the pack :-)


EDIT 13 Mar '06
Do you people also observe that food tastes better after 1 day? Esp Daal n Veggies.


arpz said...

sahi hain bhidu ! biwi sahi main aish karegi :D

delphic said...

Thanks a million for the recipe!!

Yeh Sunday ko main try karunga.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That really looked delicious..Thanks for the recipe. I will try it on my husband, because I am a vegetarian :)

Neetika said...

Thanx for telling the reciepe
But i am a veggy
Your mom would be happy as you make delicious food for her.....i can only think of it, rest ur mom knows
And very very thanx for telling gulab jamun reciepe....i was not knowing that instructions are also there at the back of the pack
Take care

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

HAHAHAHAHA.....Very good post man :-))

A man who can cook and doesn't have a vocab above 3000!! Marry me please?

Dude where is my car?

Lalit Singh said...

Filhaal to roommate aish kar raha hain :-)

If i can do it so can u dude

Hmmm i c u r trying to get back on ur husband for something.. May God bless his digestive system

U bet m gonna go back home n cook a fab meal for her.
And what the hell... I can also help u with GITS Idli Mix

@If-i-tell-ya-i-will-have-to-kill-ya (Phew!! Wipes sweatb from the brow)
Wah a marriage proposal coming thanx to the limited vocab n cooking skills. WOW!!
Will think about it if u promise a cooking range, microwave, 400 ltr 2 door frost-free fridge in the dowry
Didnt get the Dude wheres my car part

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

I have firm belief...dulhan hi daheej hai :-))

u had promised me funky european car pix. ek tram ki pic bhej kar bhul gaye??

delphic said...

I did try your recipe and it turned out to be grrrreattttt!! Thanks man!

Also, next time when you make it again, varnish it with a tissue dabbed in Jack Daniels whilst you are turning it upside down. Trust me, I tried that and it gives an awesome taste. Not too much Jack Daniels though, you wouldn't want to have a side-effect ;-).

Sakshi said...

Hey .. Now you are talking. I will start grilling our since spring is here. Like delphic said, a little brushing of in my case Beer helps to keep the meat moist.
Thodi pet mein, thodi chicken pe---Keeps you happy while cooking.
LOL : gits gulabjamun...
There was time when cooking something sweet meant, opening a pack of the gulabjamun packet. Now I am brave enough to try other things.

~ Deeps ~ said...

this is bad....u made me hungry and i want to have this but bird flue.........:D

so when r u going to treat us ?

Lalit Singh said...

@If-i-tell-ya-i-will-have-to-kill-ya (Pants!!)
//dulhan hi daheej hai
so how many dulhans does the cooking range, microwave, 400 ltr 2 door frost-free fridge translate to?

Sahi hain boss...gad u shared the idea.. will try it out..although idhar Jack Daniels milti nahi

Long time gal!!
There was a time when something sweet 'always' meant icecream from the freezer but m happy too that things arent the same now...

Bas sir dilli aane do... chicken khilate hain phir aapko

bulbul said...

Jbaat lalitwaaa shaabash..
tera matrimonial to din b dintagdaa hota jaa raha hai munnna!!
gulab jamun beja tempting hai gurudev..but yeah chicken can't say k liye i'm veggie..but looks lovely!!

Sayesha said...

Whoala that's one complicated recipe... yaar when I get there na, tu bana dena... itna drama mere se nahin hoga re! :P Besides, I'm not very good with cooking non-veg dishes! :P

I like the gulabo recipe tho... I make the low cal version though! :)

Archana said...

I am huuuunnnnggrrrry now :-(. And I just finished dinner :-(!

Swathi said...

this was soooooo hilarious esp. the recipe of gulab jamuns :)

Abhi said...

गुरु! तुम तो बहुत बढिया रसोइये मालूम पडते हो भाई। गुलाब जामुन तो सच मे मैने भी कभी ऐसे नही बनाए।
पर गुरु तुम जरूर अागे जाअोगे। अौर मँै वैसे भी pastry chef हू।

I will definately try ur suggestion on the music file and let u know. thanks for ur help.

Chitrangada said...

YuMMY :)

I seriouly love ur food presentation :D

Ab kaisa hain ye khaa ke pata chalega :P

so this july treat from Lalu

i want chicken tandoori :D

n yes wid gulab jamun :P

Marlee said...

cool...will try out the tandootri chicken whn im back home...i live under frugal circumstances!

lol@ gulab jamun instructions! :-P

yup, food tastes much beta the next day...most mayali dishes, esp meat are prepared a day before the actual feast/meal...i loove wat i cook a day old, which explains why i likck clean the bowl...i know gross but thats the truth! :-D