Thursday, May 31, 2007

Karneval Aalborg 2007

This blog started with the details about my first day in Denmark. It completes two years on blogsphere and it is marked by a celebration in the town of Aalborg - Karneval Aalborg. This being my third carnival in two years (I arrived one the Karneval day). So here are some highlights from the Karneval, which incidently is also my last.

The Karneval celebrations were spread over a week as this was the 25th anniversary of the largest carnival in Northern Europe. With more than 25000 people enjoying the festivities with the carnival bands from 6 countries (Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, UK and Ghana) on the final day, it was the largest till date and my most memorable one. The theme for 2007 was 'Masquerade' a much tamer one compared to
last year's 'Erotic & Exotic'.

A, G, N & S
If it wasn't for you guys, it wouldn't have been so much fun.



Chitrangada said...

me first :P

awesome pis very colorful :)

n last kyun tum wapas aa jana karneval dekhne :P

Chitrangada said...

pics :)

Sakshi said...

Damn Gold gaya :(

I just see ladkiyon ke pics ;)
Tere doston ko bolo comment section mein yeh batayein ki Lalit ne peeke kya halla machaya :P

And I am sure Han has D/L some of these pics..

Btw -where is the pic I wanted??

Marlee said...

My my...quite a feast to the eyes huh? ;-) anyway since its ur last karneval for the timebeing u might as well have made the most of ir! :-p lol...

lalit the new look to the blog rocks...all the arabian-ish look! wat a coincidence...wat with me looking for an arabian shiekh for a husband! :-D

JustSo said...

sahi hain !!!! aish karo, India aao and mere saath date pe chalo :D

Sakshi said...

@Arpz- :P
Lalit seedha saadha bachcha hai. He does not date -vate.. only marry :P

Lalit Singh said...

Sirf carnival dekhne ke liye wapas aaun.. errrr

Ab main to ladko ke pics nahi kheechne wala.
The pic u wanted has not been posted for reasons u know :P

oh yes it was... feast for the eyes
Lemme see if I know some rich Arab sheikh, for you.

Date ka prog pakka hain. Tu DVD mangwa ke rakh


~Lord Anshul said...

fodu pics hai be...godmode mein masti kiya hoga tu to

JustSo said...

@ sakshi - (borrowing from ur logic) Lalit apne waade se nahin (kyonki woh seedha saadha bacha hain) and rahi marry ki baat - ab to Lallu mian NRI hain, Kamau hain, agar unki marzee ho to zindagi bhar date pe chalte hain :P

(lalit - mujhe mat maariyo - khulle aam line maar reli hoon)

Sakshi said...

@Arpz - I approve!! Lage raho ;)

arpana said...

lallu mian .... nange punge ladkiyon ki tasveerein kab tak dikhaoge hume?
jaldi se koi naya post-shost likho!!

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