Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The First Kiss Tag

The First Kiss Tag - courtesy Sakshi

Many moons ago a young lad was high and dry. A peck here n there, but the elusive first base as still alluding. Finally the hour came when the sun, moon, planets and all stars were perfectly aligned and he managed to get some privacy with the girl. They both were talking sweet nothings, fingers entwingled and her head resting on his chest. After a moment of long silence the guy lifted her chin and told her "S, I want to kiss you" and a loud voice boomed in his head - "YOU IDIOT!!!". The eyes locked for a second and he could read an affirmative in them. She didnt reply and taking that as the cue the guy went for it.

A light touch of the lips at first. A bit longer one followed. Then with a little vacuum. Soon the lower lip one, upper lipone , lips slightly parted, with a little tongue, more toungue and all that jazz. Finally all the text book theories were being put into practical.

So that ladies and gentlemen was the story of my first kiss. Did I tell you she got hickeys and I had a stupid grin on my face the whole next day. :)

PS: I tag Arpz, Han(again), Deepti, Samyak, Anshh , Arun, If-she-tell..... and Kusum.


arpana said...

First Things First - Gold

Now for the comment

This is choo cuteeee!!! like the Kumar Gaurav movie - lovestory :D wah, kya innocence dikhayi hain aapne gurudev :)

and uske baad gadhon ke types main mujhe tag kar diya x-(

Sakshi said...

@Arpz- Dang it. Yeh Lalit bhi mere time zone pe post nahi karta hai. Apna Gold gaya :(

Let me claim silver first :)

@Lalit - That was cute :P And thanks for tagging Arpz... punishment for claiming my gold :P

Lalit Singh said...

:) oh the innocence didnt occur to her when she saw the hickeys :P
apni to watt lag gayi thi
chalo ab aap karo tag

itna gold leke kya karogey
Bappi lahiri ban-na hain kya?

Sakshi said...

@Lalit - Hickeys!! Damn! Wat is dis?? I hope your technique has improved :P

And aap to presents laate nahi ho, to gold de do Bulk mein :P

Anonymous said...

I did not know the meaning of hickey until Sakshi told me.

Shabbash! Nice way to wreck the sensual mood which was created by reading your first 2 paragraphs!


Lalit Singh said...

Hickey=wreck the mood. CMON
u should not spoil young impressionable minds with some weird misdefinitions
Its a mark of love!!

Red Soul said...

high and dry =))

Sakshi said...

@ Lalit - I gave him the dictionary meaning too. And the essence of what I said stands :P

Anonymous said...

Actually the dictionary meaning makes sense to the word hickey made in your post.

Sakshi ne pehle full rowdy style mein meaning bataaya tha. Kuch bhi tha woh. I am sure uska first kiss bhi Pan masala ya fir tambaaku khaake hua hoga :P


Sakshi said...

@HAN- Abe Saale! You had to take everything literally! And you forget that what happens in the g-chat log between two people is under confedential agreement.. sab jagah bak bak karte rehte haain.

Ugh! Now I vision of the pan kiss stuck in my head! Thanks a Lot! Ugh! Let em wipe thse brain cells off!!

arpana said...

@sakshi - poor moi pe thoda to taras khayiye .. hamesha to aap hi leti hain GOlD!!

@ lalit - abe , maana ki pahli baar tha, and tu betaab tha - par itna bhi kya zulm? :P

Payal said...


It was indeed an amazing n romantic story
But ek baat batayiye kya ek sachhi mein aapka 1st kiss tha ki blog pe chipkane liye yeh romantic kahani banayi ;)


Chitrangada said...

really romantic ..u r lucky lalu :)

n ur tag is done :)

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

chooo chweet! vaise, hickey on ur first try is quite an achievement i must say ;-))

Lalit Singh said...

@Red Soul
yeah.. uptil that time

Dictionary doesnt justify the purpose and significance of a hickey which is something like a mark of love. Rowdy style bole to kya... 'find a spot on the neck, suck the blood out of the veins'

BTW Han cannot be trusted with the contents of Gtalk.. rem the african matrimony episode... Ive been extra careful with him since

uska first kiss bhi Pan masala ya fir tambaaku khaake hua hoga :P

kya boli woh... paan ke nishaan aa jaate hain hickey mein???

Betaab?? arrey main na jaane kya kya tha :P

Haanji shat pratishat satya hain

thx for completing the tag in record time.
very sensitive story

Hey long lost reader... howdy??
Thx!! I would have to agree there with u. Now hurry up with your post.

Mohati said...

Hahaha, Lalit very funny!! I am sure though, at that time for you it wasn't funny just romantic.
My fave line "Then with a little vacuum." Vacuum!! hahaha never heard that when describing a kiss :)

Lalit Singh said...

Yeah that's when u use little suction.
The step follows right after the 'just touching the lips' step. :P

Sakshi said...

@Moahti - we are going to tell you all this at your bachelorette party.

@Lalit - Don't spoil her young innocent mind. She is to remain pure till she gets married :P

Lalit Singh said...

oops!! I will hold my peace until then :)

With people like sakshi around u, m sure u pass with flying colors :P

Mohati said...

I don't understand....pass in what? you see i m still too pure n innocent. plz elaborate.

Lalit Singh said...

That was just a figure of speech, but since u insist - As part of the great Indian matrimony, u will be required to pass the nayi naveli bahu rani test(s). Pati ki sewa(jo kare sewa, wo pawey mewa), saas sasur ka maan, badon ka aadar, choto ko dulaar yada yada yada

Mohati said...

Ohh.. ya all that! Sakshi has taught me all of those things very well. I shouldnt have any problems passing ;)

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

ok ok, so i'll get to it tonight. i ve been writing it on the side.

Paradox Philic said...

Lalit babu ...aap to bahut chhupe rustam nikle :P :P

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Kitna waqt ho gaya hai lalit babu. blogging band kar di hai kya?