Monday, December 12, 2005

X'mas Dinner

Well last week was at this Xmas dinner with people from office... Client as well as us... about 30 people.

We reached the venue just on time...about 6 pm and the party lasted till about 11:30...

Great food Good drinks and some great company...

I was flanked by Peter and Trine (pronounced Trina - it was actually one of those arrangements where u make sure all the sit in a way that on either side of a desi will be a client), opposite to me was Marcel and next to him were Sachin my roommate, and Regi. Now Trine is a live-wire and the most helpful and bubbly person in the office from client side...

The small talks(involving 2 people) lead to larger talks (3-4 person) and Trine was helping me with the menu... actually all the desis had to be helped coz the menu was in Danish which no one of us understands except the relationhip manager, who wasnt there that evening... the food was ordered n the drinks started flowing... I ordered (what I now recall as) "Klosterbyrg"... thats some kind of inhouse beer these guys had and were famous for (I have been told)...

Now started the bigger kinds of discussions (involving 4 or more person) and some of the topics were :-

How the wives of the desis could start an Indian restaurant in Aalborg(In
hindsight I think it is a great idea)
The great Indian Matrimony (thx to Deepak's almost-fixed arranged marriage thats
slated to happen sometime in the summer of 06)
How Sachin Deepak n me are the only bachelors in the group of 18 people...
How Trine is still single and Why Trine and yours truly should hook up (this one
invoked a out-of-the-book gag reflex by me.. thankfully the beer didnt
spill...Why??? Now Trine is the sweetest, bubbliest and youngest person from
client side but she still is about 9 years older than me and I m not in my

Some great live music was playing in the background plus the food and drinks & the general festive mood did the trick. I sure had a good time..

At the end of it all Trine knew how to say "Namaste" and she had just discovered that she had been eating "Daliya" all this while for breakfast. Kirsten (the business lead) was waving and saying "Phir Milenegy" to all and I had run out of my ciggarettes, thx to Dutta and Venky.


Br!j said...

kam, krodh, lobha , mada aur mascharya se door rahena manushya ke liye hanikarak ho sakta hai

arpz said...

sahi hain yaar ! sahi hain ! :D
lage raho

~Lord Anshul said...

whr are snaps of those luvly ladies !!

lmao @ daliya..aur kuch nahi mila ??