Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gimme Red and more

Reservations have been done, tickets have been made and the wait commences for the long awaited X'mas vacation... come 24th Dec n I'm off to a 5 day holiday to Paris, Rotterdam and Amsterdam (Nudge Nudge Wink Wink!!)... After visiting Goteberg, Sweden, in mid Aug I haven't really been anywhere , except for Hirtshals but it was more like a go-in-the-morning-come-back-in-the-evening kinda trips, which though are very good to give you that much needed break don't quiet satisfy the appetite for travel

The tug of the sack on your shoulders, the waistpouch containing maps of diff places... trying out new cuisines.. wandering in awe of the magnificient structures and their history...Ohhhh the whole thing gives me goosebumps... just can't wait!!

Now coming to the original story of this post... suddenly the color red has captured everything...Posters are red... Clothes on display at the shop windows are red... the decorations are red the clothes are red and the caps are red...whole Aalborg is more red than it ever was in the last six months... Christmas fever catching up.... and today I saw this band which was marching down the road and playing "Jingle Bells"…Small kids were also part of the band ... all decked up in Red... could help but admire the whole procession .... Festivity is in the air and u can feel it... Maybe I will pick up my camera one of these days and shoot all I can and post...

Yeah def. one of these days!!


Anvita Thapliyal said...

good luck with ur trip...wish i cld take out time for a break too.

Br!j said...

Amsterdam , wao cool gurudev sahi ja rahe ho,, mast bandion ko tapo aur aish karo, aur haan newyear resoluion ye banana ke india aakar shadi karlo :p okz Njoy

~Lord Anshul said...

say hi to elvs..on my behalf

Sachin Keswani said...

hey dude,
n pics bhejna ya upload karke link bhejna...have fun n a rockin time!!

~ Deeps ~ said...

sir ji i will be frank....i m jealous of u..............

sumu said...

Arre Sahi hai Guru!! :).. Have Loads of fun!! :).. and in Amsterdam, among 'other things' ;) :P, do try to visit Anne Frank's Museum - worth a visit, especially if you've read the 'diary'.

Jingle Bells! :).

Voice said...

wow.... great

Plan to bahut achha hai..
how days vary for person to person and place to place :P

give accounts of ur trip... i m sure u will. :)