Sunday, December 18, 2005


Friday evening it was pizza coke and Sholay... Sholay?? Why Sholay?

Because it is one of the movies I am never tired of watching (included in the list are Jaane bhi do yaaron, Chashmebadoor, Amar Akbar Anthony, Chalte Chalte, Golmaal, Masoom, Baat Ban Jaye, Rang Birangi, Baaton Baaton mein, Andaz Apna Apna )....and what better way of doing it than on big screen....Now you don’t get to see many English movies in Aalborg, forget about Bollywood movies... so we got a projector and constructed this whole setup…and it was really worth the effort

You know that Sholay did not open to a very good response way back when it was released and caught on later ...But for me the movie is a super duper uber hit...

And my fav guy in the movie ..."Gabbar Singh"... unarguably the most famous character of Indian cinema... Even Raju Shrivastav and Sunil Pal have recited his dialogues at the GILC...

"Kitne aadmi they?"
"Katili Nachaniya"
"Jo dar gaya, samjho mar gaya"
"Yeh haath mujhey de de Thakur"
"Bahut yaarana lagta hain"
"Itna sannata kyu hain bhai?"

And many such more dialogues which have crept into our daily parlance... which have become part of everyday milieu...I dont think any other movie has had that kind of penetration

Apart from the fabulous dialogues, the plot of the movie is racy, fast paced, action packed and one in which you can't escape for a leak and come back thinking that u havent missed anything significant.... one stays glued to the seat from starting to the end...

The music is excellent, both background and songs and RD Burman's 'Mehbooba o mehbooba' is simply AWESOME... each of the songs gel so properly with the movie.. its not forced upon you
The music during the numbering... harmonica and violin... gives u a feeling of a great western classic.

Another Thing about Sholay is the Sholay Trivia Quiz... which me n frnds used to indulge in a lot...Questions like :

Q Gabbar Singh ke baap ka naam kya tha?
A Hari Singh

Q Who was the other Hari in the movie?
A Hari Ram Nai

Q Jai aur Veeru ki Bike ka number kya tha?
A MYB 3047

Q Gabbar Singh ko jab pehli baar sazaa hoti hain to kaunsi 'dafa'(section) lagate hain?
A tazrat-e-hind dafa 400 ke tahat 20 saal kaid-e-baamushakkat

Q Post man ka naam kya tha?
A Gulzarilal

Q Asrani ki Jail mein AB n Dharmendra ki uniform ka number kya tha?
A AB - 15 n Dharamendra - 20

Q Imam Sahab (A K Hangal) ke bete ka naam kya tha?
A Ahmed miyan

(and this one is my fav...none of the people I ask this, have been able to answer it)
Q Imam Sahab ke bhai ka naam kya tha?
A Mukaitullah

Once I was at Mondy's (Cafe Mondegaar) and we were playing the sholay trivia quiz... soon the guys from the next table joined us...Its that kinda movie... you cant help but love it ... so if you think that Sholay is the greatest movie ever built... if you think that RD was the best .. and if you think that AB, Dharampaaji n Sanjeev Kumar and Gabbar Singh rock.. then join the sholay fan club.

Thank you Ramesh Sippy, RD, Salim Javed, AB, Dharampaaji, Amjadbhai and everyone else...

Today happens to be the Bday of two pals
Happy Bday Diana and Deepak!!


Anonymous said...

thxxxxxx dearie... thx fer de wish muah!

Sayesha said...

I wanna join I wanna join I wanna join!

~ Big Sholay fan (but sucks at Sholay trivia. Chalega?)

~Lord Anshul said...

mukaitullah..masha alaah..wallah..kya khoob nazar payi hai janab ne..

Rohit Talwar said...

oye!! i know! sholay and jaane bhi do yaaron--no matter how many times you watch these flicks!

everything about sholay is sooo cool..still.. i mean as u have also mentioned.. dialogues.. man, my granddad tells me weird interview sessions at andhra bank (delhi branches) where they used to simply talk about sholay characters and their dialogues! ha! and the music.. who can forget 'ye dosti hum nahi todenge..'

Sakshi said...

Hi, I came over from Anshul's blog. You named two things that I liked in the blog - Sholay -love it and Cafe Mondegar, one of my fav. places in Mumbai. You took me back to those days when we went there to drink, while waiting for the jukebox to play our numbers and look to those walls.
Good one.

~ Deeps ~ said...

Sholay rocks.....big time...its my fav tooo.....and trivia was amazing, even i was stumped on the bro name.....
thanx for wishes sir....bday par koi pic nahi li no pics of bday on blog...otherwise updates hote rahengi....

~Lord Anshul said...

lalit miyan, you have been tagged :P
check out my blog again ;)

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it's a funny name, the Sholay! I've never heard something like that before. I'm a philologist and I've been studying others ideologues and languages and I think this one is very interesting, specially this phrase "Yeh haath mujhey de de Thakur" and its meaning too.

Generic Viagra said...

Whata strange movie, it inspires me a lot of sentiments, incredible post, you are a true connoisseur!

Anonymous said...

Still the movie feel so of the Top 10 bollywood blockbusters .

Anonymous said...

Mukaitullah ahmed ka mammu hai...that is AK hungal ka bhai nahi, unka saala.