Sunday, November 26, 2006

Random Post

Well don’t have anything worthwhile to write, so I will just fill in with some mambo-jambo.

Terribly busy with work these days, being allocated in more than 3 projects at the same time, which ensures that the bug list I have, is never small. Winters setting in and the whole place looks so depressing with rains dripping every now n then, the low temperatures coupled with windy conditions. I don’t mind the chill but no windy wet chill .. puhleeeeeeez. And it snowed… on 1st Nov.. Now, where on earth does it snow on 1st Nov???? Wait.. don’t even try to answer that.. it’s a rhetoric question.

I am sick n tired of, what I initially enjoyed, Cooking. Every evening I return home and open the fridge and try to think of what I should be having for dinner. How I wish there was some pill which you could pop and no hunger or thirst for the next 24 hours. End of problems.

Let me end the post on a positive note. Come X'mas n I am off to Italy for a 6 day vacation… Rome, Venice, Pisa n Milan. The one thing I love about my job here is, how it allows me two vacations a year to some beautiful locations in Europe.


Anonymous said...

Biwi hogi to atleast 1/2 time khana paka rehta.. hint hint.. (and said 1/2 the time to avoid the feminist being parked on my door step.. you can increase the deal )
And I am so jealous of your Xmas vacation. I have a measley 3 day off.
SO n'joy and take lotsa pics, so I can live vicarously through your holiday :P

~ Deeps ~ said...

i am so J of u............and u know y........

Chitrangada said...


lazy bee ...:D

are pills se bhi bore ho jaoge n socho gulab jamun ka taste miss karoge ..agar bhookh nahi lagegi ...

n Italy se kya lauge ..list batao :P

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

mereko cooking seekhni hai !!!

Lalit Singh said...

and baaki ke din jo mujhey double khana pakana padega woh... double mehnat

:) sir aapke liye e-special pics wahan se

Jis din gulab jamun khane ka man hoga us din pill nahi lengey. Simple.
Italy se aapke liye Leaning Tower of Pisa photo :P

Bhai..tune woh kahawat suni hain
"Char din ki chandni phir andheri raat"
Yeh wahi scene hain... trust me!!!

delphic said...

Hey! When are you getting married?

In case you are wondering, this was a random comment to your random post.

Chitrangada said...

@delphi... this one is apt comment :D

so Lalu
When are u getting married?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the cooking part, even I wish there was such a pill :)

enjoy your vacation in Italy.

Anonymous said...

love the pill idea!

absolutely love the vacation plans!!!

enjoy the winter...:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog.....liked the way you dscribed the wind and the rain.

I dont really know you...hence would limit myself to a few words. Looked at your photoblog to...very nice...

Bon Voyage!

Vijayeta said...

So, one assumes if you come across the pill you WILL tell us where to source it from, right?
Envy your vacations but have a blast nonetheless :)

Lalit Singh said...

@Himanshu n Deepti
All in good time dear friends.

Thx :)

Winters are to be enjoyed in places like Delhi. Not here where it goes like -15 C.

*Drumroll* Welcome to the blog

Thx, I will.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! you're right. and i am in delhi right now...where it's rather pleasant and actually warm for this time of the year. but i'm not complaining.

p.s. enjoy the music you treat your readers to.

Anonymous said...

yo ! time to post something new :)