Saturday, September 16, 2006

I, Me and Myself

I am thinking about: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ... errr.... ammmm.... am trying to think. OK, it's World peace. But on a more serious note, one thing that I now think about daily is food - "Aaj khana kya banaun?"

I said: ..............
I don't remember. When exactly are we talking about?

I want to: see the world, understand the meaning of life, shout my lungs out at the top of Everest, touch n feel the glaciers, go on a wild African safari, camp somewhere in antarctica and feed the penguins who would have gathered around my tent, go rafting, fly a fighter plane, fall in love once again, have so much money that it doesnt bother me anymore, become rich n famous, be able to sing perfectly, write poetry, ....
'Hazaaron khwaaishe aisi, ki har khwaaish pe dam nikle
Bahut nikle mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle'

I wish: for everything written above.
Bas itna sa khwaab hain

I regret: very few things in life. I am sorry about many things, but I regret very few. Which is because those were my decisions. It did what I thought was right, at that point of time.

I hear: voices. And I converse with people in my head.

I am: who I am. Please dont try to change me. I am perfect for myself.

I dance: as if no ones watching. Actually the way I dance, no one wants to watch.

I sing: when I don't like the audience.

I cry:
U wish!!!!

I am not: what at times people think I am. And if by now u r having your doubts then lemme clarify, I am also not insane.

I am with my hands: a good typist, a skilled programmer, a photographer, a guitarist, a cook.....

I write: coz I want to.

I confuse: my present clients, with long sentences and out-of-GRE-list words. English isn't their first language. MWAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laughter

I need: air, water, food, shelter and love.

I see: with the help of glasses. I don't have contacts.

I tag: All those who read this n havent done this tag by now.
Kya karun, m so low in the blog hierarchy. By the time any tag reaches me its pretty much done by all.


Chitrangada said...





I m thinking


Hey Dextor why u think inna sara :)
kya bananu ye toh tumhe bataya tha na maine :X


YOU ARE PERFECT AS YOU ARE isliye don think too much :)

nlemme think now



~Lord Anshul said...

wah lalli miya..barron's mug le..will help yr client :P

and is food such a big prob..i though u were a cook...
and u will cry the day i'll kick ur butt in pool ;)

i have already been tagged by next time

~Lord Anshul said...

btw yeh tera about me..kahan se aaya ??

Lalit Singh said...

socho socho
and fatafat tag karo

kick ur butt in pool
hahahaha .... u wish!!!

The 'about me' is from the poem Aawaara Sajde by Kaifi Aazmi. Isi se inspired hole maine blog ka naam rakha tha.
Aawaara Sajda represents a revolting idea, a loyal turned mutineer...

Chitrangada said...



ok aaj hi lo :P

n yes u don have my chitrangada blog here :(


Tanushree said...

just dropping to say hi...

Kusum Rohra said...

I dance: as if no ones watching. Actually the way I dance, no one wants to watch.


Mona said...

One of the nice write-up about oneself i have read on blogs.