Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

~~*Tan Ta Dan*~~

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The birthday was celebrated this year in July when I was home. My li'l sis brought this. (Yeah, I know there is a spelling mistake, but what the hell).

This also happens to be the year when my day of my birth, coincides with the day my birthday is. Couple of decades and a few years ago, it was another Saturday night. Will try and put this post up at the exact time of my birth - 12:40 am.

27 ... n still going strong!!!

PS: Thank you Deepti, for being the first one to call n wish.


Archana said...

Happy Birthday :-)! Wow - the cake looks awesome? Did your sis make it herself?

Sakshi said...

appreciate the efforts - har kisam ka web wish kiya hai.

Siege Perilous said...

Happy B'day Dude !!

Did D wished on behalf me or not?? [:XXX]

~Lord Anshul said...

27 ??
buddha ho gaya re hero tu to :D

Lalit Singh said...

Thx.. u r the first one to wish me on my blog. aapke liye especial thanx

WHOA!! Ur efforts are commendable
and so were the birthday gifts.

Nahi ...kuch wish nahi kiya aapke behalf pe. :X

27 is the new 25
You heard it here!!

Chitrangada said...



U r spl thats why it matter to me that ki sabse pahle main tumhe wish karun :P
kya pata next year koi aur ho ( but i wish wo koi someone spl ho :) )

yummy cake mujhe bhi khilao :P



wishing u loads of sucess,love,sweetest things in ur life :)

The Light-House. said...

Late again ...
Anyways Many happy returns of the day.
Anything that spells like chocolate is worth falling in love a million times.
Stares at the cake before deciding to register in the comment.

Anonymous said...

CAKES! I love birthdays for one simple reason!

Budhhe ho gaye! Here's wishing you an awesome year ahead!

-Rohit Talwar (bloody blogger wont let me sign in since I moved to Beta. Grr)

~ Deeps ~ said...

dubara wish karna parega :D
chalo kar dete hai.........janamadin mubarak ho sir :)
btw the cake looks very tempting....

Lalit Singh said...

thx for the wishes.
Lo cake kha lo .. aur muh kholo

@the light house
thx dude :)

ahem ahem
haan beta ab tum hi yeh cake kha lo
meri to umar ho chali hain
ahem ahem

Thankyou once gain sir
cake chaddo.. vodka wali baat yaad hain na??