Sunday, May 21, 2006


If-I-tell-ya-I-will-have-to-kill-ya tagged me with the latest tag thats doin the rounds these days.. so here it is:-

The Wanderer's Tags

5 people who top your shit list(excluding Arjun Singh)..... and why:
Well I dont hate people and as I have published on previous occasions 'Hate is a very harsh word and should be used sparingly'. So I dislike :-
¤ Public officials who demand/ask/accept/expect money from the junta to do their job.
¤ People who say 'Is country ka kuch nahi ho sakta' and continue criticising every thing with all their nonchalance.
¤ People who lobby at work and give importance to things(sex, state, relatives et al) other than merit.
¤ Himesh Reshamiya - By GOD ki kasam, 'dimaag ka dahi' ho jaata hain uski aawaaz sun ke...har desi radio site pe uski hi aawaaz sunai deti hain...Anu Malik se bhi ganda gaata hain... If his music isnt enough to blow ur brain, his nasal rendering of the same will surely want you to pluck your hair.
[Edit 22May06 1350 hrs IST]
¤ P Chidambram... see the sensex.

Close brushes with death/danger:
¤ After my 10th boards I registered at a swimming pool nearby. There were no instructors, only lifeguards(thankfully), and with a little bit of self learning and watching others i was able to float and on the third day I ventured beyond 6 feet.. all was well until i collided with someone in deep waters and then i was in deep sh*t..
¤ This one time after a game a friend jokingly tried to choke me with a towel. and for a moment it was all black and i had this flash, in which my whole life went before me in split second ... It was a really weird experience.
¤ Driving Yamaha350 at 120 kmph in Delhi.. we used to specifically go to Shanti Path to do this(for fellas who dont know about delhi then this is a really wide loooong stretch of road with lesser traffic) ... 1 bike would lead and make sure there were no stones, potholes or anything which could potentially make our lives shorter. It was such a high.

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:
I dont think I will ever commit suicide but when death comes, it should be when I am awake.. not in my sleep...I wanna say "C ya soon" to a few people.

5 Guilty pleasures:
No guilty pleasures. If I indulge in something then it is because I choose to. I dont feel guilty for my decisions. (I may be sorry at times but not guilty)
Chocolates, Icecream, Alcohol, Smoking .. nothing makes me feel guilty. I enjoy it therefore I consume it.

5 things you never want to forget:
¤ How much my parents have toiled to provide a good life and education to me n my sisters.
¤ By and large people are basically good and trustworthy (until someone repeatedly proves otherwise).
¤ Good deeds dont go unrewarded. Maybe you wont see the benefit straightaway... but ur brownie points are getting accumalated.

5 things you wish to forget:
I have already forgotten them.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:
¤ Rabbit
¤ Mussels
¤ Deer

5 crushes/loves in your life... in chronological order
¤ Aishwarya Rai, way back when she became Miss India World n later Miss World.. stop laughing now.. I was only a 15 year old then.
¤ This gal S, who was perhaps the dumbest one in the class, but I liked her. And she was cute too.
¤ Then during college.... S (not the same one as above) ... she and I went around for a while. It was fun and then we called it a day after about a year.
¤ Then another S... the rel was short n sweet.
(From all this I drew 2 conculsions.. I should keep in mind henceforth if the girls name start with S or not. And if any girl wants to get married then she should have a fling with me... proven track record)

Strangest dream you ever had:
¤ Just a few days ago I had this nightmare that my Manager, the Tech Lead my current roomie and me are sharing an apartment. I woke up with cold sweat.
¤Another one which is quite weird... If u follow the show Fraiser then you would know how weird a dream is, when one sees himself as the third brother of Fraizer n Niles... YIKES!!!!
5 most valued personal possessions:
¤ All my extra curricular certificates(Never got those academic certificates much) and pizes. And the fav amongst them is the 1st prize trophy for Dumb C at BITS Pilani.
¤ All my school report cards. Right from Kindergarden. I just dont have the heart to put them away. They are perhaps the only proof that I once was good at studies.
¤ All the notes/books i have accumalated over the years. no fiction/novels etc.. pure academic stuff. Earlier i used the excuse that i will give it to my nephews/nieces in due time but that cover has been blown now and my mom is just looking for a chance to settle scores.
¤ Photographs: right through school, grad n PG. I wont trade them for anything.
¤ Nothing other materialistic possessions like laptop ipod etc.. i dont care about those kinda stuff(coz i dont have any :-P hehehe) but i do miss my guitar .. its somewhere in Mumbai i am told, but dont know where and with whom

5 favorite superheroes..... and why:
¤ Chacha Chaudhary: I used to read all of those comics from caryoonist Pran and I guess my first superhero was him... brain instead of brawn/supernatural power
¤ Batman: Another fav character. Loved the way he saves Gotham city every now and then. And the fact that he too doesnt use any supernatural power helps. Also add to it that Gotham is a very futuristic city.
¤ Spiderman: Loved the jingle "Spiderman Spiderman, does whatever a spider can..."
¤ Superman: Ok before u say I am abnormal, here is every childs dream... to fly like Superman.

Most of the people who would do this are already done with it... so if u r reading it n havent done
it till now.. please feel free to consider urself tagged.


If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Himesh Reshamiya - By GOD ki kasam, 'dimaag ka dahi' ho jaata hain uski aawaaz sun ke...har desi radio site pe uski hi aawaaz sunai deti hain...Anu Malik se bhi ganda gaata hain... If his music isnt enough to blow ur brain, his nasal rendering of the same will surely want you to pluck your hair

perhaps the best description of himesh i have ever read! i was laughing so hard and it was only 7 AM!!

I like your offer for girls wanting to get married. We had a similar phenomenon in my last team. Every single girl who joined the team, got engaged!! I was the last one single, and we thought for a while it was a fluke. But then...Since then, my manager has been promoting his team as "THE TEAM FOR HOPELESS SPINSTERS".

u were frazier and niles brother?? shudder shudder

hehehe, i have all my old books too. i'm the family kabadi. mom sold the notebooks behind my back. thats what urs has probably done too u know. i still have my math amd computer books from 9th grade onwards. i keep telling my mom "pata nahi kab kaam aajaye". although i dont know why i wud ever need calculus or real analysis again.

good post. himesh@LOL still :-))

Sakshi said...

"All my school report cards. Right from Kindergarden."
Now I can honestly tell my Mom that there are others who keep such things for posterity.

Himesh Reshamiya .. Dimaag ka dahi.. ROTFLMAO

Lalit Singh said...

@If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya,
Is there a room for a techie in "THE TEAM FOR HOPELESS SPINSTERS".

thats what urs has probably done too
keh do ki yeh jhooth hain

U never know ... maybe I will have to show the primary school report cards to my kids just to make an impression. I wont be able to show them the rest of the cards.

~ Deeps ~ said...

intresting to go thru.......guitar...find it soon....

Paradox Philic said...

The "S" connection...hmmmmmm
Interesting :P :P