Sunday, February 26, 2006

Things I Hate

Arpz has tagged me to list down things that I Hate

Firstly, I personally believe, that 'Hate' is a very harsh word n should be sparingly used and practice this thought ...i prefer to use the word dislike instead.
Secondly, dislike or hate (in extreme cases) is cannot hate someone for life for doing something...(exceptions do exist) and it may also be that the person/thing changes over a period of time.

With a lil bit of my life's fundas in place I now let all my energies be channelised for jotting down the hated/disliked things/people at the moment.

1 I hate dishonesty. Honesty is one of the topmost virtues a person can possess... still I use the word dislike here coz we know that some lies are inevitable.. we all lie for at some point or the other for some reason or the other.

2 I dislike people who dont believe in dignity of labor. No job is menial. Treating someone without respect just beacuse he/she is doing some work which you label as low is a sure sign that I will deduct your 2 brownie points. The lady who comes to clean deserves a Good Morning as much as your boss and w eshould be thankful to the guy cleaning the toilets coz if he wasnt doing the 'low' work then you n I would be doing it. Forcibly, if not willingly.

3 People who go on and on and on ... Thanx but no thanx ... I dont want to know what you think about yourself and everything excluding yourself.... and last of all I want to know what you think about me. So please shutup.

4 People who dont treat their parents well. They are the people who brought you to this world and raised u and did everything for you. If u dont respect them then I hate you. Yes , I hate such people.

5 Cruelty towards animals. Please note that I do not consider eating non-veg as cruelty towards animals, as I am a voracious non veg eater myself.

6 I dislike a lot of things about myself. The fact that I relent to temptation, that I sometimes speak without thinking, that I get carried away at times... and the list continues... but as I mentioned I dislike things about myself... on the whole I dont dislike myself .

7 I dislike people who resort to regional attribution... sardars are this, jaats are that, bengalis are X, southies are Y... how the hell can a whole section of India's population be alike???

8 I dislike the time when people dont take their work seriously and in turn create problems for others... as it is you are spoiling your work.. please be considerate not to make life hell for others by your actions. The amount of time that has to be spent in correcting tings coz they were not done correctly the first time...

That sums up the list for now... I cant think of other people/things/situations which I dislike.

In turn I would like to tag
Choti Bachi
If-i-tell-ya-i-will-have-to-kill-ya (gal if u r reading this then lemme tell u writing this big a name is a torure. Risking my life I hereby ask your name)


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

You hate cruelty towards animals? Me too!!! But I'm a vegetarian, as you know. :P
I sometimes speak without thinking, that I get carried away at times're not the only one. I'm always told by friends, family, etc. to think before I speak. Guess it's REALLY tough.

I'll be 18 in just about 3 months or so. Then, you won't be able to call me "choti bachi". HA!

And I've SIX tags to do now...*wails*

Learn To Play Guitar said...

Like your blog. Found it searching for like minded souls out there.
All blessings,

Sayesha said...

#5 rocks! Hahaha! :D

So you also call Navdeep chhoti bachi? Muahahahahaha! :D

silverine said...

Very much like my list :)

Bakwaas said...

u make gulaab jamun's too :O !! man u guys are amazing. I am just amazed to see how so many men cook so well..Nice blog... didn't see it until today. Like the Things you hate, POST. Am personally driven by #1 and #7. Knowing 6 makes u become a better person each day.

to add to your DISLIKE list - I very strongly dislike PPL who crib and gossip too :)

chalo, nice blog

arpz said...

So finally the originator reads the post !!! Sorry for not having read it for so long. impressive list ...