Monday, February 20, 2006


Its been snowing regularly for the past two weeks... the temp is anywhere between a chilling -10 Deg C to a warm 0 Deg C... and on days when we are lucky enough to have sunshine, we even have temperature in positive... AMAZING.. isn't it??? But my rant is not about the weather.. It's the way we handle it .. the way Mother Nature has been unsincere with half of the earth's population... The Men... the so called stronger sex.

While I move about in my huddled like a ball stance, protected by sweater and a jacket and desperately waiting to reach office in the mornings, I can only feel cheated when I look at the girl who is quite comfortable baring her legs in a mini skirt... I look away - more from envy than guilt of staring at her legs.

Not only here .. back home in India too women somehow feel less cold ... no wonder Diya Mirza can sing 'Zara zara behakta hain' in Swiss Alps in a skimpy outfit, while Madhavan, the lad from south - whose idea of a chilly winter is 20 degrees celcius in Chennai, can only manage to pull a smile, that too frozen.. Poor guy...Reportedly, the hypothermia has done such irreversible damage that the only smile he's left with now, is frozen. How Salman Khan n Hrithik Roshan can manage a bare-chested stint in snow n still be alive to tell the tale beats me.

If bearing the harsh European winters is a matter of strength then we still need to do some homework... For the time being I pronounce Women as the stronger sex... not only that .. they are also the warmer sex.


If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

allright my man...ur v-day shayari must ve been good...however, i didnt understand a word. i wish i got these finer things in life..

i liked your post. thanks for granting us the honor :-)

i updated too. something i wrote a few days back in a drunken stupor. your color post inspired me to go ahead an post my rambling too :-))

Rohit Talwar said...

WARMER! Sahi bola.

Yes kaunsa instrumental hai be? Cant figure out..

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

manh... this is a good post... very nicely written.. enjoyed reading it...

now sir.. if your camera works in that cold.. can we the lesser mortals also get a glimpse of the women who are able to make you less guilty and more envy !!!

Lalit Singh said...
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The Light-House. said...

Laughs @ OM and agress.
Madhvan hails from Jamshedpur :-)
Agree with u I saw same award function on TV man seemed to be freezing and women seemed to be flaunting.
warm 0*C :))

Lalit Singh said...
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arpz said...

Warmer sex ? huh? do I read something b/w the lines? :P

Lalit Singh said...

If i tell ya...
glad to be able to inspire other .. for whatever things :-P

This is the title track of a serial which used tocome on DD... people of my age group would remember maybe

Sir hopefully you got the pics... and enjoyed watching them

Jamshedpur ka link to i didnt know while creating the post so i hopee u will excuse me for the error.

Dont read too much b/w the lines coz there is no fine print..

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

WARMer sex? HAHAHAHAHA. What a term! :P Oh btw, cold weather is nice...I love it! Okay, sub-zero temperatures might not be that great but it still sounds so exciting! :P