Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Blog

No I m not deserting this one. Just that the pics that I post here somehow refuse to get enlarged... some problem which I can't figure how to solve.

So I am now starting a photoblog.

First person to comment gets an autographed photograph of me... just kidding :-P


Br!j said...

Here or There ;)
sahi guru photu to mast dala hai, while uploading you wouldhave seen that it gives option to upload in which size to appear there is one small(which is in my blog) one medium and one large. all will expand to the original when clicked.

chalo ab photu shotu kheecho aur post pe post maro, and ya make sure the atom on your photoblog is switched on, I need RSS feed of that in g mail. so jab bhi photo chapoge pata chal jayega. okz

~ | | OM | | ~ said...

shit !!!!

i wanted the fotograf !!!!