Sunday, October 16, 2005

Food Fiesta

The week that went by…. OMG … first of all let me admit that I am a food freak and now that I have to cook for myself I have grown even more fond of food…. Which includes my own cooking… this week GOD has been exceptionally kind on me and since Tuesday we haven’t eaten at home… thx to the festive spirit in the air….

Venue : Datta & Anshuli’s place
Dasshehra dinner at their house.. a wholesome marathi meal followed by Basundi and ice cream to leave two satisfied people with stomachs packed to max capacity

Venue: Prasenjit n Swati’s place
Some how the Bengali’s were celebrating the dasshehra a day later… so wed it was at their place… Shrimps, chicken, mix veg, dal n rice all cooked in authentic Bengali style… Prasenjit also showed the first pic of their child… a sonograph…
May u have a healthy baby n safe delivery!!! I blessed them with all my stomach … errr heart

Venue: Sukhbir n Rimpy’s place
Well we had to go over to their place to give them some utensils which they may be needing on Saturday for the party at their place…. Sukhbir being a true blooded Punjabi came up with this Famous Grouse bottle to be emptied before touching main course… three pegs later we were at the table savoring pulao, dal vegetables n roti smeared with desi ghee… this probably explains Sukhbir’s paunch…

Venue: Sukhbir n Rimpy’s place
Well it’s the birthday of their daughter Tavleen urf Sonia/Sonu a.k.a. Nonu
After chaats papdi smaosas, pakodas, choley, pizza, fries and three pegs of Famous Grouse there was hardly any room left in the stomach to eat … but the good natured fellow that I am I still managed to squeeze in two Gulab Jamuns and one cup Rasmalai… now I do admit to having a sweet tusk… but more than that I wanted to applaud Rimpy bhabhi’s efforts at entertaining their guests and she knows it very well…
Went back again on Sunday for more of that lovely stuff

Somehow I relate it to the phrase:-
"Been there.. done(read ate) that; went back for more"

Being one of the three bachelor’s in a team which has the rest 15 married and living with spouse does increase your chances of getting invited at dinners

To all the people who invited me for dinner at their places… I thank you profusely… I pray to GOD to keep u well… May your tribe flourish!!!!

To all the people who haven’t invited me yet… It’s never too late!!


~Lord Anshul said...

lallu miyan..looks like..a lot of indian delicaies are being showered upon u..lage raho[:)]

Sreejith said...

Hey dude, sorry for droppin in late. Nyce to see u r treatin urself to some nice Indian food.
Keep enjoyin...


PS: Would love to pass ur post abt Lijo to the surviving members of Services...wonder how they would react to that..;-)