Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Just in case u didn’t notice the change in the 'About Me' section, I turned 28 yesterday. Yet another year has passed by. One more year, on the face of earth. I dunno if u feel this way, but 28 suddenly seems much much older as compared to 27. 27 is closer to 25 whereas 28 is closer to 30. At 28 you can’t even give the excuse that u will think about settling down at a later stage. You ARE at the later stage. 30 seems just around the corner.

Anyway, it was after 4 years that I was celebrating my birthday at home with family. It was a quiet and simple affair. Last time when I was home on my birthday, I was 23 years old, still studying in the final year of my post grad. It has also been 4 years since I moved out of the comforts of home and started staying on my own. First in Bombay for 2 years and later in Aalborg for another 2 years. Now after 4 years I have finally shifted base back to Delhi.

The ticket u see below is the train ticket for the journey to Trivandrum for the training of my first job. I carried this ticket with me all this while to remind me that no matter where I stay, I have to return back home. Finally I can say I have arrived. I can now destroy this ticket. Maybe not, let it be there for memory sake.

Fellas…. thanx a lot for your wonderful wishes. God Bless You!!


Sakshi said...

Happy budday!
Once again, party hai deni aapko :)Ab toh aap ki umar ho gayi .. shaadi kar lo, settle hona mangta :P

Liquid Oxygen said...

Happy wala B'day mubarak ho! :)

...and nothing to worry on 28... lets look at it this way - you are 24 with 4 years of experience!

Wishes & Cheerios! :)

Shantanu said...

Happy Birthday! But why is the post dated November 2007? :-)

~ | | OM | | ~ said...



for being older
for getting back home
for everything that you have achieved and will do in the years to come !!!

God bless you...

Chitrangada said...

Happy birthday Doofus :)

I don know wat to say abt returning back home cus if i say it is good to return back then i cud make fun of my situation ..cus u r back home but its time i mite have to fly somewhere else :)

m stupid but its just random thought which came into mind after reading about "ticket to back home "

senti mara :P

shooory :)P

~Lord Anshul said...

happy budday lalli miya !!
abhi life mein settle hona mangta hai..
shaadi vaadi karo..hum jara naach le baarat mein :D

Marlee said...

Belated Happy Birthday dude!

Anonymous said...

hello sir...happy birthday! i haven't been online in a long long time, but it was good to read ur latest stuff. and ofcourse the photos! skagen looks amazing. picture perfect. anyway, i hope to catch u sometime. cheerio,


arpana said...

aisho! chooo chorry for forgetting your budday :(