Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekend Pleasures

The weekend started disastrously with the trip to Skagen being cancelled because of rain n overcast sky. Now why would anyone want to visit a beach on a day it is raining??? (Though one remembers a rainy evening spent at Sankhumugham Beach, Trivandrum very fondly). Anyway, so the plan for Skagen was shelved and with long faces the day kept passing until it was evening and the sun decided to give a little peek. We jumped to the occasion and headed towards Fjordparken near Egholm with beer in our bags.

The next few hours were spent sitting on the bench watching the boats sail by, people kanoeing, jogging, cycling, talking about n number of things and drinking beer. Sitting there I felt a strange kind of calmness and the feeling of being at ease with myself, my surroundings, my pals and the world at large.


Sakshi said...


And this does not constitute a post! that being said as usual I love the pics - #3 and 5 are my favorites!

Shek said...

nice pictures. I like the last picture the best.
Check out my photoblog when you get a chance. Would appreciate your comments.

Chitrangada said...

Finally u had fun:P

I like 2nd pic :)

Zee said...

since ur comment box says "vishesh tippaddiya"....mine is that i think it's something to do with a mass of water....just something so soothing, scary, beautiful, intimidating, pleasing.....

lovely pictures.....where is this exactly?

arpana said...

@sakshi - u can stake claim to golds going ahead ; me no race

@lalit - good one :)

Lalit Singh said...

Arrey this IS a post in itself.

did see ur photoblog.. nice pics there

Ji haan some fun.. beach fir kisi din sahi

Hmmmm,, yeah maybe it is the water...
This is Egholm, aalborg, Denmark.

Thx :)