Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Things I miss about home

Before going on vacation, Sakshi asked me to do this when I came back - Write about the things I miss about home.

1 Family
I miss them like anything. No friends can make u feel the way they do and can in no way supplement them.

2 Maa ke haath ka khana
Yeah yeah...its the mother of all cliches, but seriously I miss my mothers cooking. Using the same ingredients n method to prepare I just can't get the same taste. Also 3 years of staying away from family has made sure I drop all nakhras and unfussingly eat anything n everything that is edible. U should've known me when I was staying at home. The number of things I wouldnt eat, outnumbered the ones which I would. My mom sees that as the only good things about me statying away.

3 Delhi
I miss Delhi. The city that has so many fond menmories attached to it. The city which I can call mine. The big n small things that make it special and worth missing. Its wide roads, all-seasons climate, Lutyens zone, Raisina Hill, old Delhi, Lodhi gradens, India Gate....

4 The awesome food
The terrific food you get here
Sharmaji ke chole bhature at karol bagh, Pachkuian Road's Samose wala, Karims and (much closer to home hence frequented)Galina for their non veg stuff, the bhalla-papri at UPSC, the bun maska at Chanakya cinema, Kachori outside Hanuman Mandir. Delhi is a foodies delight. Theres something for everyone, that suits your pocket n taste.

5 Delhi Rains
When it rains in Delhi it brings a smile on everyones lips. Rains are such a welcome thing in delhi coz of the heat that yeh dil maange more.

6 Watching cricket
Yeah believe me or not, I miss watching TV. Not for the K brigade serials but for the cricket. Havent seen a match in a year. Couple of other reasons apart from that (viz.
Shireen Bhan n Mitali Mukherjee .... Monita Rajpal just doesnt make the cut)

7 Carefree days
Whenever I am home its only on vacations, so somewhere down the line the whoel thing about being at home has being synonymous about being carefree, not having to worry about the meeting in the morning, or the delieverables which have to be tested before deployment and all such work related stress.

Thats all I can think of right now. I guess I am quite an adaptable person. :-)


Sakshi said...

ME golddddddddddddddd!
I agree with you on family, Ma ke hath ka khan, my town (I dream of those gallis), the street food,.
sigh me wannnnnnnaaaaaaa goooooo homeeeeee.

Sakshi said...

Btw - I see a theme going on there with shireen and mitali.

~ Deeps ~ said...

can indentify with each and every thing ..........thanx god i m back to del........

~Lord Anshul said...

are seriously yaar...jo pani puri ka mazaa thele pe hai..u cant get it in a restaurent :(

and monita rajpal didnt make it..lallu..wat happened to ur taste..and btw u can watch mellisa thareau thr na :D

and seriously..no place like delhi fos good food :(

Lalit Singh said...
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Chitrangada said...

oye ab toh u hav more reason to miss delh :X

bhool bhi gaye ..
yaad dilao ki I LIVE THERE :D

on serious note ..

HOME IS SWEET HOME..even heaven cant replace that :)

Lalit Singh said...

Aap to consistent high performer hain :-P
Me toom wanna go home...

Sahi kaha sir.... bas ab wapas aake delhi shift karna hain base..

Pani puri etc ka to shauq nahi hain mujhey but so many other street foods *SLURP* that r there in Delhi
And yaar Monita Rajpal shuru shuru mein achchii lagi thi but she didnt make the final cut... Shireen n Mitali hi favorites hain meri.
Mel ko 1-2 baar dekha tha maine yahan but then I dont see her anymore now.. pata nahi kaunse channel pe aati hain boss

aap kahan rehte ho dilli mein
Ghaziabad rehte ho... Zabardasti dilliwale na bano
huh :P

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Rohit Talwar said...

I hate rains. HATE them.