Wednesday, June 07, 2006

World Cup Fever

Friday the 9th, I would be wearing this new Tshirt which says World Cup Germany upfront.

Here is one of ma fav World Cup songs:-

I have to admit that obtaining the tickets for any match has been impossible for me... and by now I have resigned to fate and decided to watch the matches from the confines of my apartment.

Who r u cheering for???


Sakshi said...

GO BRAZIL!!!!!!!
Germany, Italy, France are not there. England and Argentina may have a chance.I don't know how well the lesser known teams will do, though. May be we might get a lot more surprises (like Portugal) this year.
So I say Viva La Brazil..

The Light-House. said...

Cant say it is very blurred before anything is under way.Brazil are the obvious choice but Spain, Portugal, England,Mexico, Argentina.
I think things may get cleares once the group matches are done.
Anyways the pics are nice.
Jungle Book title track (Chadhi pehen kay) is sung by Udit Narayan's song named Aditya.

Sakshi said...

BTW.. My comment - ITA/FRA/GER are not there --- is meant to be taken as "they don't seem to have the winning factor".
The way it sounds is me saying these teams are not even playing.

Lalit Singh said...

Brazil is my fav as well. Arg is distant second.

Things will def be more clear after the grp matches. Glad u liked the pics.
About the playback there are def two or more children singing so i am not sure if it is Aditya Narayan

Rohit Talwar said...


It's always a good idea to watch games at home--with food and drinks. Yipppeeee

Vijayeta said...

Brazil! Always Brazil...even the good looking men from Italy, Portugal and Argentina wont distract my devotion!

~Lord Anshul said...

Go spain !!!!

go 2 my blog

delphic said...

The Italian Stallions will kick arse...

Lalit Singh said...

Dude i like watching it in a pub with lotsa fellow enthusiasts n beer... i guess thats the next best thing u can do if u cant manage to see it live

Welcome to the blog
and join the brazilian fan club....

Spain ???

nope man i dont think they impress me much

~ Deeps ~ said...

my best bets are argies and england (if rooney is match fit - not only fit but match fit)

yeah match dekhne ka maja to pub main hi hai with lots of people and beer...........