Saturday, September 24, 2005

Goteberg Trip - II

Continued from my previous post

Then later in the evening went to the botanical gardens… beautifullllllllllllllllllll…
Simply awesome.. we would have spent around three hours in the gardens which lead to a forest(I don’t remember the name right now)…

After that it was time for dinner. Now since Aalborg doesn’t have any Indian restaurant we decided that our dinner should definitely be in an Indian restaurant… nd what better that New Delhi restaurant….

“Heyllo ji” greeted the proprieter pujabi lady… “First of all welcome to New Delhi restaurant”…
“Kahan se hain aap log”… she realised that we were indians … and wanted to know where in europe we come from… it was clear form the cameras hanging from almost everyone’s necks that we were tourists…

Anyways we proceeded with the dinner and tore down the nans and chicken which on special request was made extra spicy…..mazaa aa gaya yaar!!!
Back to hotel and a hot shower and then it was sleep time… slept like a log..

Next morning we tore down on the breakfast and again deposited the luggage at the locker room and proceeded with the tour of the city. We started with Universum…. Which is a aquarium, space center, zoo all rolled in one…. But alas started to rain and we were left in the Universum for 3 hours…

Thankfully the rain stopped but the sky was still overcast …. Next stop was Liseberg which is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia…. Entry to this park was courtesy the City pass which we bought the last day…. Suggest people should use such facilities coz it allows you to use many facilities like the guided tour of the moats , entry to amusement parks. Travel in trams etc…

Had to wait in the line for 50 mins to get to the roller coaster ride … 10 mins out of that delay were caused due to my principle of always being on the first seat in a roller coaster… I have observed this rule religiously till date and plan to do so in future also….
After the amusement park we were back at hotel to pick up the luggage and reach the Stenaline cruise which was to leave at 4 pm…. It being a Sunday .. no booze was available anywhere in the city at ay shop… anyways the cruise which we had choosen for the return journey was slow one … which reached Fredrikshavn in 4 hours as compared to the 2 hours in the fast one….
This cruise liner was far more grand than the last one… 12 decks , casino, bars, food courts, et al… totally fundoo… kya kya hota hain yaar ship ke andar….

Finally back to Fredrishavn and then took the train to Aalborg… in the train we started with an antakshari (much tpo the dislike of the rest of the other passengers.. read non-indians)

Back to Aalborg … had a pizza and went off to sleep… agle din office jana tha !!
Here is the link to the pics from Goteberg

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